Skull & Bones’ Cinematic and Gameplay Trailers Look Impressively Explosive

Skull & Bones’ Cinematic and Gameplay Trailers Look Impressively Explosive

Skull & Bones got a cinematic trailer and a gameplay walkthrough trailer in which we saw dramatic battles take place. It's due to launch in 2019.

Skull & Bones, the RPG title set in a time of piracy and developed by Ubisoft got a new cinematic trailer at Ubisoft’s E3 conference.

The trailer details some story for the title with a focus on showing us small elements, such as compass navigation, boarding enemy ships, exotic islands, and a dramatic darkness that looms. You can watch the trailer below.

Justin Farren detailed the story, explaining how you’re a pirate who is going to steal every last coin from the rich. We get to see some gameplay in action which you can also view below, teasing walking around the docks, customizing the character and ship. We see a crew working together to issue orders as they approach a ship.

A large crew is on board the ship and we get to see some of the UI being teased, which seems to look similar to an MMO style system. The gameplay shows frantic action, and tactical positioning as a large naval battle ensues against enemy ships.

Skull & Bones is a pirate-themed title that will allow players to play a single-player campaign or online multiplayer in a systemic shared world that reacts to actions. Ships can be customized ready for naval warfare, and with each successful heist, a players wealth and reputation will increase in the world.

Multiplayer battles are said to be in competitive 5v5 matches but it isn’t just other players or pirates to worry about as creatures lurk under the ocean waves apparently. A Kraken maybe!

After Skull & Bones was revealed we saw some gameplay that was teased. We also learned that the single-player campaign is set to be a “shared-narrative” rather than a separate experience.

If you missed the Ubisoft conference you can watch the recording of it here. You can also check out the video that looks at the developers of the title talking about their personal stories here.

Skull & Bones is due to arrive for Xbox One, PC, and PS4 sometime in 2019. Players can sign up for beta access here.