Skull & Bones Has Reportedly Been Rebooted

With no update on Skull & Bones during Ubisoft Forward just yesterday, it might be quite some time until we hear or see the game again.

July 13, 2020

It has been quite some time since we have last heard about Skull & Bones from Ubisoft. After first being revealed at E3 2017, we haven’t really heard a peep since, other than just a glimpse at E3 2018. The game was originally planned to release sometime in late 2018, but it was instead delayed in three consecutive years. Now, the game has reportedly been rebooted by Ubisoft.

According to sources close with VGC, the development of Skull & Bones was struggling which, led to multiple delays. The source informed VGC that last year, the publisher ultimately made the decision to reboot the game entirely and move away from the box model of Ubisoft open-world titles.


VGC was also informed that the new Skull & Bones has moved in the direction of a ‘live’ game model. It will feature stories, quests, and characters that will evolve and change over time based on community actions.

Another source stated that the ‘live storytelling’ elements of Fortnite played a big part in the inspiration behind the newly rebooted Skull & Bones. The source mentioned will have a strong focus on collaboration and Ubisoft is wanting to appeal beyond just the competitive actions fans who play Ubisoft’s other popular series.

The reboot also now features Elisabeth Pellen as the creative director. The former creative director, Justin Farren, has departed and joined Wargaming.

There was still no mention of the game during Ubisoft Forward yesterday. With the news of the transformation of the game, it might be quite a while longer until we get an update on it.

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