Skullgirls Encore Coming To PSN Next Week

on February 8, 2014 10:23 AM

The girls are back. Fans will only have to wait until next Tuesday for the re-release of Skullgirls Encore that pulled of digital shelves a few months ago.

You may have remembered that Skullgirls was pulled from all digital marketplaces for uhh reasons.

A couple of interesting notes:

-If you purchased Skullgirls prior to it being pulled, then you’re entitled to a free copy of Skullgirls Encore.  PSN users will receive an XMB message with a voucher for their free copy.

– The New Character, Squigly, will also be free for everyone for the first three months of the re-release along with the Character Color Bundle DLC.

On top of just free DLC, there’s also a ton of new gameplay and interface tweaks that you can find on the Skullgirls blog.

Skullgirls Encore is out February 11th on PSN. No word on a XBLA version yet or price.

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