Skullgirls Fundraiser Blasts Past $650,000 in Donations, Here are the Candidates for the Third DLC Character

on March 26, 2013 7:55 PM

With a little more than one day remaining, Lab Zero’s Skullgirls fundraiser has cleared an absolutely astonishing $650,000 in donations. The passion that the game’s fan base has demonstrated with this fundraiser is simply inspiring. A third new DLC character will now be joining Squigly and Big Band as new additions to the playable roster. The character will also come complete with a story mode campaign and an all new stage.

Lab Zero has also revealed an additional bonus reward. If the fundraiser manages to clear $725,000, the team will develop Robo-Fortune (a previously revealed bonus announcer pack) into a unique playable character, with a different appearance and move list compared to Ms. Fortune, the character she is based upon. Finally, all of the candidates for the game’s third DLC character have been revealed.

The character will be chosen via fan vote, and only those who contribute to the fundraiser will get a vote. Get a look at all the hopefuls in the gallery below and donate at the fundraiser page so that you get a say. You can also learn more about each character and the vote itself here. I like Eliza, what about you guys?


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