SkullGirls Launches Without Command Lists, Patch Possible if Sales are Good

on April 10, 2012 7:30 PM

The long awaited 2D fighter SkullGirls is finally available. PS3 owners can download the game immediately, while Xbox owners will have to wait just until tomorrow to dig in. While early reception has been largely positive, the game is missing a feature that is not only standard but practically required for games in the fighting genre – command lists. That means that if you want to learn all the girls’ attacks, you’ll need to either visit the wiki or figure them out yourself.

For all the steps SkullGirls makes in the right direction, the lack of basic command lists is a puzzling omission. The devs have gone on the record saying that these lists can easily be patched in, and that they very well may be if the game sells adequately. Apparently, time restraints caused the lists to be omitted in favor of other game elements that wouldn’t have been so easy to add later via patch. You can easily work around this problem if you print the command lists out or if your computer is comfortably close to your TV and console.

Otherwise, you may have more than a little bit of trouble familiarizing yourself with all of the characters. Let’s hope the game sells well enough for Reverge to get to work on that patch.

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