Sky Force Reloaded Launches On Nintendo Switch Today with Launch Trailer

Sky Force Reloaded Launches On Nintendo Switch Today with Launch Trailer

A shoot 'em up reminiscent of video game's arcade-like past, Sky Force Reloaded, has added the Nintendo Switch to its long list of availability.

Infinite Dreams has been developing a follow up to the classic Sky Force. Not to be confused with Sky Force Anniversary, now available on PS4 and PS Vita, the latest version for the Nintendo console is called Sky Force Reloaded. Released to the public today, the title launched with a trailer to go along with it.

Sky Force Reloaded takes the spirit of classic arcade shoot ’em ups and puts it in the heart of a game with today’s visuals. The music is also a mix of old and new, with pumping synth cords and the digitized voice announcing your achievements.

Previously available on the PS4, PC, Xbox One, iOS, and Android, the move to consoles greatly enhanced the experience, while the Nintendo Switch port will no doubt follow suit. While the game is certainly prettier than past incarnations, the game is a classic down to its core. It’s a screen completely filled with bullets everywhere, and as with all classic video games, the bosses are huge.

The title opens up with all the powers you’ll be getting throughout the game, but unsurprisingly, you lose them all and have to regain them throughout the story. Collecting stars throughout levels allows you to upgrade between missions in a truly arcade fashion. There’s even a high score bar on the top of the screen, for those who really miss the old days.

Sky Force Reloaded is available now for PS4, PC, Xbox One, iOS, Android, and now the Nintendo Switch.