Sky Noon is a Stylized Western FPS Where Your Goal is to Push Opponents off the Map

Developer Lunar Rooster announced Sky Noon, a unique western FPS that will come to Steam via Early Access sometime during Q2 2018.

Ever since Overwatch burst onto the scene in early 2016, we have seen a plethora of new stylized first-person shooters burst onto the scene. Today, indie developer Lunar Rooster announced Sky Noon, a stylized take on a western first-person shooter. The game is currently set to release on Steam via Early Access later this year.

The game’s title is clearly an allusion to the phrase “It’s high noon,” which is said by the Overwatch character McCree when he activates his ultimate attack and quickly became iconic. While the game may just seem like a simple Overwatch clone at first glance, it’s gameplay also takes inspiration from games like Super Smash Bros. in order to craft something unique.

Sky Noon’s developers have made it clear that there aren’t any health bars in the game; instead, it is one’s goal to push their opponents off the map with a variety of weapons using hydraulics and compressed air. This is why it’s fair to say Sky Noon takes some influence from Smash Bros. which also makes itself stand out from other games in the fighting game genre by doing this, among other things.

Ted Lange, Executive Producer at Reverb Triple XP, who is assisting with the game’s development, had the following to say about the game:

“What we love about Sky Noon is how it really feels like a first person brawler and that’s a refreshing take on the shooter genre. Sky Noon really has that unique and elusive fun factor that’s hard to find in most multiplayer games and that’s a testament to the clear direction of fun design the Lunar Rooster development team has focused on when making Sky Noon.”

In the game’s world, the western frontier floats in the sky, and cartels quarrel over water, the world’s most valuable resource. In order to survive these battles, players must use their grappling hook and lasso, along with special items like jetpacks and teleporters. Craig Taylor, Lead Developer of Lunar Rooster, also commented on release Sky Noon, which will be his first video game:

“The feeling of bringing your first video game project to life is absolutely surreal and amazing. he idea was really simple – let’s make a first person shooter that felt familiar, yet different. We’re delighted that there’s gamers that wanted this type of experience and the team is really looking forward to the feedback from players to improve Sky Noon during the Early Access development.”

The game certainly does seem like a really unique take on the genre, so I’m curious to see where its development goes. You can check out some screenshots of the game alongside its announcement trailer below. Sky Noon is poised to release on PC through Early Access in Q2 2018.

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