Skybound and Beamdog are Bringing Classic D&D RPGs to Console This Year

Skybound and Beamdog are Bringing Classic D&D RPGs to Console This Year

Skybound Games and Beamdog are bringing Baldur's Gate I & II, Planescape, Icewind Dale, and Neverwinter Nights to Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One.

Skybound Games and Beamdog have finally announced today when they will be bringing several classic Dungeons & Dragons RPGs to Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One. We’d gotten word earlier this year that it would be happening, but now we know the actual dates. Interestingly, these enhanced editions will be getting a physical release as special boxed editions. Check out the short video they put out on Twitter for a bit more info.

Thanks to Skybound and Beamdog, console players will be able to purchase three different packs. The first is The Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition Pack. This collects both the original Baldur’s Gate and its sequel and mashes them together in one package of old school RPG goodness. The pack will also include all DLC released for the two games and the Siege of Dragonspear expansion.

Next up is the Planescape: Torment/Icewind Dale Pack. The pack includes the enhanced edition of each game, along with all the DLC released for both. The Baldur’s Gate and Planescape/Icewind Dale packs will launch on September 24 in North America and September 27 everywhere else.

The final release will be the Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition Pack. This includes the full 2002 RPG of the Year and all of its DLC. Additionally, you can play the game in both local and online multiplayer. This release will be coming a little later, as the pack will be out on December 3 in North America and December 6 elsewhere.

These meaty RPGs have stood the test of time and seeing their revival on PC over the last few years has been fun to watch. Now, they’re finally becoming available everywhere and any console gamer that’s missed out has a chance to pick up some of the best RPGs ever released.