Skylanders Super Chargers announced for all iOS devices

Skylanders Super Chargers announced for all iOS devices

The newest iteration of Activision’s popular figure-based game Skylanders Super Chargers will be coming to all iOS devices just a few weeks after the game’s launch on consoles. The biggest Skylanders title yet features vehicles and over 300 of the already existing heroes and hits consoles on September 20. However on October 25, the full version of the game will also be available on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

Activision confirms that this is the full version of the game, and offers cloud saves to play across all the iOS devices. The starter pack includes a bluetooth controller for those who don’t want to play using touch controls.

Two Skylander figures are included in the bundle, as well as a new vehicle. Other characters will be offered via in-app purchases:

After downloading the game to an iOS device, players will unlock Instant Spit Fire and Instant Hot Streak for free. Your other favorite Skylanders are also available, via in-app purchase. And since this is the same Skylanders SuperChargers experience found in the console versions, you’ll have access to all the same great features, including online co-op and multiplayer racing.

Skylanders Super Chargers hits consoles on September 20, and comes to iOS devices on October 25.