Skyrim 10th Anniversary Edition Creation Club Content

November 11, 2021

Skyrim 10 Anniversary Edition Creation Club content could be tempting for some players enough to spend some cash on the upgrade, but what it really delivers?

Bethesda celebrates the 10th birthday of The Elder Scrolls Skyrim with a new paid content for the game that adds new quests, new weapons, new characters, and new enemies to the game.

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Now, if you have any doubts around on whether to pay for the upgrade or not, you should have a look at the content it delivers.

The Elder Scrolls V |Skyrim Anniversary Edition Trailer

The Elder Scrolls V |Skyrim Anniversary Edition Trailer

Skyrim 10th Anniversary Edition Creation Club Content

As you may already know, Anniversary Edition is a paid upgrade for Skyrim Special Edition that costs you $19.99. However, even if you don’t buy the Anniversary Edition, you will still get some new features and content in the base game for free.

Anniversary Edition Content

Free for All (Doesn’t require paid upgrade)

  • Survival Mode (Featuring hardcore environment and UI)
  • Saints & Seducers (Featuring 8 new quests and 19 new characters)
  • Fishing (Featuring over 20 fish variants)


  • 4 new player homes (All can be achieved by completing quests)
    • Tundra Homestead
    • Hendraheim
    • Shadowfoot Sanctum
    • Myrwatch
  • 7 new armor packs
    • Ebony Plate
    • Steel Soldiers
    • Daedric Mail
    • Elven Hunter
    • Dragonscale
    • Dwarven Mail
    • Stalhrim Fur
  • 11 new weapon packs
    • Umbra Greatsword
    • Chrysamere Greatsword
    • Dawnfang & Duskfang Swords
    • Stendarr’s Hammer
    • Staff of Hasedoki
    • Shadowrend Battleaxe
    • Staff of Sheogorath
    • Elite Crossbows
    • Expanded Crossbows
    • Arcane Archer Arrows
    • Ruin’s Edge Bow
  • 6 mixed packs of weapons and armors
    • Arms of Chaos – 2 Staffs + 1 Amulet.
    • Civil War Champions – Elite Stormcloak + Imperial armor + weapons.
    • Sunder & Wraithguard – Enchanted Mace + Gauntlets.
    • Arcane Accessories – 28 Robes + 16 Spells.
    • Divine Crusader – A Mace + a Sword + heavy and light armors.
    • Spell Knight Armor – Iron, Steel and Ebony Spell Knight armors.
  • 5 new creatures
    • Arachnia the Spider
    • Hilda the Goat
    • Skritch the Skeever
    • Sweet Roll the Fox
    • Thistle the Rabbit
  • 26 random packs (15 revealed yet)
    • Bittercup – A mysterious altar in Falkreath.
    • Bloodchil Manor – Vampire-themed player home.
    • Bow of Shadows – Bow that grants invisibility and increased sneak speed.
    • Farming – A working farmstead in Whiterun.
    • Fearsome Fists – 15 craftable Gauntlets for unarmed combat.
    • Gallows Hall – Necromancer-themed player home.
    • Ghosts of the Tribunal – Help or destroy a band of rebels, with lots of gear from The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind.
    • Goldband – A legendary Katana hidden in a dungeon.
    • Headman’s Cleaver – A new Greataxe.
    • Nchuanthumz: Dwarven Home – Dwarven-themed player home.
    • Necromantic Grimoire – Necromancy-themed Spells and Enchantments.
    • Redguard Elite Armaments – Redguard-themed Light Armor and 2 Weapons.
    • Staves – 7 Staves from The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind.
    • The Cause – Questline involving the Mythic Dawn trying to open an Oblivion Gate
    • The Contest – Questline following the trail of a hunt for a legendary Spider.

Skyrim 10th Anniversary Edition is now live on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC.

Source: Gamerant

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