Skyrim Goes Gold… One Week Before Launch

on November 5, 2011 5:00 PM

Last night, almost exactly one week before the game goes live, the team at Bethesda finally finished “over 20 versions of Skyrim — across multiple platforms, languages, and countries.” Yeah, they’re cutting it pretty close there, but I’ve gotta give them credit for putting in that much work on the game. It takes a ton of work to make a game like this, and people are definitely expecting a lot (a lot) from Skyrim. You can’t deny that this team really cares about what they do, and I have so much respect for the fact that they’re willing to put enough work into a game to the point where they’re only calling it done a week before release.

To celebrate, the folks over at Bethesda enjoyed some gold mead, appropriate for the occasion.

Let’s just hope that the disc pressers won’t be too hungover.

[Bethesda Blog]

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