Skyrim is Now Officially on Xbox Game Pass

Skyrim is Now Officially on Xbox Game Pass

For all of those who somehow haven't played it...

Since its release nearly 10 years ago, Skyrim has managed to make its way onto every console ever since—if you have a system from 2005 or later, you can bet that Skyrim has been ported to it. As of yesterday, if somehow you still haven’t played the game you can pick it up for only the price of admission on Xbox Game Pass.

This new addition to Game Pass was announced officially at the Game Awards last week, but it has been a logical conclusion after Microsoft’s acquisition of Bethesda back in September. A tweet from the official Xbox Game Pass Twitter account welcomed the Skyrim Special Edition to its service while also making a meme out of it in traditional Skyrim fashion. According to Bethesda, “war never changes,” but apparently meme-ing Skyrim also never changes.

The game officially launched on the service yesterday and is free to play for all subscribers. Microsoft is looking to bring over all Bethesda games to Game Pass in the near future.

Skyrim was not the only game announced to be headed to Xbox Game Pass this holiday season. Among Us was announced for Game Pass PC. Additionally Beholder: Complete Edition, Code VeinThe Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan, Monster TrainMotoGP 20My Fried Pedro on xCloud, Neovers, and Wilmot’s Warehouse have all been announced for multiple editions of the service.

Microsoft is continuing to grow Game Pass’ library and sweetening the deal. Earlier this year it was announced that Game Pass subscribers would also be getting EA Play for free as well as a two-month subscription to Funimation Premium Plus. It’s no surprise why it’s considered to be the “best deal in gaming.”

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