Skyrim Grandma Worked on “Shirley” Mod That Adds Her as a Follower

Skyrim Grandma Worked on “Shirley” Mod That Adds Her as a Follower

Shirley Curry, otherwise known as Skyrim Grandma is getting a mod to add her as a follower within The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Skyrim Grandma has won the hearts of gamers all over with her video game antics in Bethesda’s The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Her YouTube channel has a following of over 774k subscribers, and she became so embedded into the Skyrim community that people started a petition to have her immortalized within The Elder Scrolls VI

Bethesda had caught wind of the petition asking to have Shirley Curry immortalized as an NPC, a unique weapon, or location within the upcoming fantasy game, and invited her to the studios. It was there that she was scanned using photogrammetry technology meaning that she’ll be present within the game as a character.

However, there’s still not much known about Bethesda’s next title outside of the teaser we saw back in 2018. But it’s okay because impatient modders have created a mod that adds Shirley Curry to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim as a follower.

The teaser, found below, gives a brief look at Shirley’s character within the game. According to the description, the follower is voiced by Curry herself. The line of dialogue we first hear from the follower is “Good morning grandkid.”

The mod is planned to launch at some point in early 2020 with January being the target. Curry has also been heavily involved in the development of the mod bringing commentary when arriving at new locations or seeing different situations. Updates are planned to expand on those. The mod does include a small quest, but there is also a larger quest in the works.

The mod seems to be trying to keep the character as close to Skyrim Granny as it possibly can with her character utilizing how she plays in her videos with a two-handed weapon and with light armor. While it isn’t implemented yet, the team behind the mod does want to have her character capable of reading books to the player, although only a specific few.

The mod will be releasing on PC for both Skyrim Classic and Skyrim Special Edition. It’s also planned to include her in the Xbox One version of the game, but state that it’s impossible to bring her to PS4.