Skyrim Player Embodies the First Dragonborn in Awesome Miraak Cosplay

February 11, 2022

Standing with all the poise of the first Dragonborn, this Skyrim player stuns in their Miraak cosplay.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim boasts a cast of some truly iconic enemies, intimidating players with Daedric Princes, Draugr Overlords, and Dragon Priests. Though some may navigate Skyrim without ever encountering some of these high-level bosses, those who do never forget the battles that follow.

One Skyrim player was particularly drawn to a Dragon Priest – and a special one at that. Bringing the first of all known Dragonborns to life, Redditor u/KaleyStonerSG crafted an awesome Dragon Priest Miraak cosplay!


In Skyrim lore, Dragon Priest Miraak is the very first known Dragonborn, according to both himself and the Daedric Prince Hermaeus Mora. Vain, proud, and intimidating, Miraak is an incredibly powerful enemy within the game. Players usually encounter him after finding his Black Book: Waking Dream in the Temple of Miraak at Solstheim.


Inspired by Miraak’s confidence and design, u/KaleyStonerSG crafted the Dragon Priest’s outfit, from mask to sword. With expert painting techniques, the mask incredibly looks like perfectly weathered metal.

She had also hand-embroidered the gold pattern onto the robes, emphasizing the eyecatching design. The power emanating from the silhouette of her cosplay is truly befitting of a Dragon Priest!

Additionally, she stated that it took roughly 6 months to complete the full cosplay, mostly due to the amount of detail needed to transform the fabric into Skyrim-esque leathers. The embroidery alone took a month, but the effort was entirely worth it for this killer cosplay.

Following the fiber crafts needed for the robes, u/KaleyStonerSG had turned to 3D printing to build Miraak’s mask and sword. Both are printed with PLA, and required hours and hours of sanding to get that ideal finish. Even though she had started out with a “terrible low ploy STL archive,” the combination of battle damage, resin, and paint resulted in some stunning craftwork.

Even further, the sword really does look as if it were carved from aged jade. u/KaleyStonerSG had relied on a cosplay-painting technique using kitchen paper to add texture to the sword’s paint job.

She had even considered building in LEDs to mimic Miraak’s Dragon Aspect shout, but that might have to be a future addition!

Overall, it’s an awesome rendition of an awesome character. Let us know what you think of her cosplay down below!

Natalie Schmidt

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