Skyrim Saints and Seducers DLC - What Is It and How To Start It

November 11, 2021

Get ready to meet the Shivering Isle once again in Skyrim’s Saints and Seducers creation pack!

Bethesda fans will be happy to know that the developers are celebrating the 10th birthday of The Elder Scrolls Skyrim, their smash hit title with plenty of new content.

Those of you who love dungeons are in for a treat, along with that comes plenty of quirky additions.

Overall it looks like the Creation Club is a big win for the community. Despite the wide variety of DLCs available, we’re interested in Saints and Seducers in particular!

The Elder Scrolls V |Skyrim Anniversary Edition Trailer

The Elder Scrolls V |Skyrim Anniversary Edition Trailer

What Is Saints and Seducers and What Does It Include?

Saints and Seducers is a creation pack that is available in the brand new Creation Club, a new addition to Skyrim. This club allows players to purchase new content for the game.

This creation in particular focuses on the actions of a mad mage named Thoron who has put Tamriel into danger by allowing the Shivering Isles’ infection to seep through.

Get ready for new enemies, armour types, weapons, pets, quests, alchemy ingredients and a whole lot more, including a new dungeon filled with exciting content.

Purchasing this creation will also grant the player the Rare Curious creation, another great addition to the game.

How To Get Saints and Seducers

To get Saints and Seducers, players will have to purchase it via the Creation Club store.

Saints and Seducers Content Overview

New Dungeon

If you were a fan of the Shivering Isles expansion from Elder Scrolls IV, you’ll want to get into the brand new dungeon in Skyrim.

This POI is heavily influenced by the root caverns found in the Shivering Isles and no doubt they will be as creepy yet alluring as they were all that time ago.

Not only can players experience this dungeon themselves but this can now also be used as a modders resource, allowing the community to derive from this asset!

via Bethesda


Overall players will get access to 32 new weapons, including 4 new armour and weapon types including Golden, Dark, Amber and Madness Ore.

Discover the location of the Nerveshatter too, a Warhammer with incredible strength, bear in mind others will be searching for it too.

Alchemy and Elytra Pets

As mentioned earlier you can find a number of new resources in the dungeon which can then be used in alchemy recipes.

Probably the best feature of this creation, pets. Players will be able to find two Elytra that can be tamed and will become your loyal companions!

How To Start Saints and Seducers

To activate Saints and Seducers in Skyrim, you’ll need to go to the Khajit camp outside of Whiterun.

Speak to the Khajit Ri’Saad, you should have a dialogue option involving the trouble they have been having whilst on the road.

Doing so will begin the Balance of Power quest, this will then start the Saints and Seducers DLC.

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