Classic Arcade Fighter Skyscrappers Crashes onto Nintendo Switch This Month

Classic Arcade Fighter Skyscrappers Crashes onto Nintendo Switch This Month

Ground Shatter and Ant Workshop have announced that SkyScrappers, an arcade-style, multiplayer fighting game, will be available on Switch this month

Developers Ground Shatter and Ant Workshop has today announced that the multiplayer fighting game, SkyScrappers will hit the Nintendo Switch on October 29th.  The game was inspired by trips to the seaside arcades by James Parker, who is the founder and director of Ground Shelter.

SkyScrappers hurls players into the world of exploding skyscrapers, in which tumbling towers isn’t enough to solely deal with you must also race and clamber their way to the very top as the brickwork deteriorates under you. As you try and save your own skin, you will contend with other peoples who will do everything they can to make sure you don’t reach the top. SkyScrappers includes two-four player local multiplayer and single-player campaigns, with a host of other modes including the exclusive vertical “Tate” mode.

Director James Parker stated:

In many ways, the Switch is the natural fit for SkyScrappers. With its pick-up and play controls and couch multiplayer, it’s never been easier for a group of friends to grab a JoyCon and jump into the high-rise action. And the new vertical Tate Mode finally brings to realization the authentic arcade experience that we’ve craved since we came up with the game.”

SkyScrappers is available to pre-order on the Nintendo Switch eShop now priced at £7.99/$10.50 and will release on October 29th.

You can check out the SkyScrappers Nintendo Switch trailer below: