Slaughter the Opposition as the Butcher in New Eternal Conflict Expansion for Heroes of the Storm

The first major content update for Heroes of the Storm is Eternal Conflict, centering around Diablo III. It will bring in a new map, Battlefield of Eternity, and a new characters, the Butcher. The first Diablo character to be added was Johanna when the game launched, and now will be joined by the Butcher. Known as the first major boss in Diablo III, the Butcher is a melee assassin class. His special ability is that he uses the remains of those he has defeated to gain an attack bonus of one percent per enemy with a maximum boost of 25%.

The Butcher’s abilities include: Hamstring, which hurts and slows enemy Heroes. Ruthless Onslaught is a fast charge toward an opponent. Butcher’s Brand allows you to heal yourself with 75% of the damage dealt. Lamb to the Slaughter will attach an enemy to a pole, disabling them from escaping the fight. And Furnace Blast, an area of effect blast centered around the Butcher. Furnace Blast can be combined with Ruthless Onslaught.

The map, Battlefield of Eternity, is a two lane battle featuring an “Immortal” character on either side. If your team is able to defend your Immortal and defeat the opponent’s, it will join you as you push down the lane.

Battlefield of Eternity will have a public test version on June 23, and launch on June 30 when Eternal Conflict begins. Blizzard has stated that the Diablo-centric event will last for several months, bringing in more content to Heroes of the Storm as it continues. Photos below are courtesy of GameSpot. You can view the Butcher’s abilities in action in the following video.

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