Slayer Unleashed Codes for August 2021 - How to Redeem

here are some codes for some free rewards.

By Mehrdad Khayyat

August 14, 2021

Slayer Unleashed received dozens of new codes that allow players to reset their race, breathing, and other character statistics.

Slayer Unleashed is one of the pretty popular Roblox titles with a special focus on melee combat and character creation. Each player can build his own warrior and start an adventure to kill demons and improve his combat abilities.

While the game is still growing, the developers offer some new codes with the arrival of every new version to help players get some free rewards and have more control over their characters.

Rainbow Six Siege: Crystal Guard | Reveal Trailer

Rainbow Six Siege: Crystal Guard | Reveal Trailer

All Slayer Unleashed Codes for v0.34

  • 34Reset! – Reset your Stats
  • 34PointsReset1 – Reset your Stats
  • 34PointsReset2 – Reset your Stats
  • 34PointsReset3 – Reset your Stats
  • Vane23Breathing – Reset your Breathing
  • Vane23DemonArt – Reset your Demon Art
  • BRoll1 – Reset your Breathing
  • BRoll2 – Reset your Breathing
  • BRoll3 – Reset your Breathing
  • BRoll4 – Reset your Breathing
  • BRoll5 – Reset your Breathing
  • BRoll6 – Reset your Breathing
  • BRoll7 – Reset your Breathing
  • OPENEDBreathing01 – Reset your Breathing
  • OPENEDBreathing02 – Reset your Breathing
  • OPENEDBreathing03 – Reset your Breathing
  • OPENEDBreathing04 – Reset your Breathing
  • OPENEDBreathing05 – Reset your Breathing
  • DRoll1 – Reset your Demon Art
  • DRoll2 – Reset your Demon Art
  • DRoll3 – Reset your Demon Art
  • DRoll4 – Reset your Demon Art
  • DRoll5 – Reset your Demon Art
  • DRoll6 – Reset your Demon Art
  • DRoll7 – Reset your Demon Art
  • OPENEDDemonArt01 – Reset your Demon Art
  • OPENEDDemonArt02 – Reset your Demon Art
  • OPENEDDemonArt03 – Reset your Demon Art
  • OPENEDDemonArt04 – Reset your Demon Art
  • OPENEDDemonArt05 – Reset your Demon Art
  • ClanRoll1 – Reroll your Clan
  • ClanRoll2 – Reroll your Clan
  • ClanRoll3 – Reroll your Clan
  • ClanRoll4 – Reroll your Clan
  • ClanRoll5 – Reroll your Clan
  • OPENEDClan01 – Reroll your Clan
  • OPENEDClan02 – Reroll your Clan
  • OPENEDClan03 – Reroll your Clan
  • OPENEDClan04 – Reroll your Clan
  • OPENEDClan05 – Reroll your Clan
  • RaceRoll1 – Reset your Race
  • RaceRoll2 – Reset your Race
  • RaceRoll3 – Reset your Race
  • RaceRoll4 – Reset your Race
  • OPENEDRace01 – Reset your Race
  • OPENEDRace02 – Reset your Race
  • OPENEDRace03 – Reset your Race
  • OPENEDRace04 – Reset your Race
  • OPENEDRace05 – Reset your Race
  • Nicherzz1 – Reset the Nichirin color
  • Nicherzz2 – Reset the Nichirin color
  • Nicherzz3 – Reset the Nichirin color
  • BOSSDROPBOOST – Boss Drop Boost
  • EXPBOOST – XP Boost
    *Source: TryHardGuides

How to Redeem the Codes

The only thing you need to do is to hit the Forward Slash button on the keyboard (“/”) and type one of the codes above. Now hit enter to receive the reward. You can open the typing box by clicking on the Chat Window as well.

What is Roblox?

Roblox is a free platform that allows users to create new experiences through a built-in engine and share it with a huge community out there. You can play a lot of different games in Roblox, some of which require in-game payment.

Roblox is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PC, Android, and iOS.

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