Sleeping Dogs DLC Detailed

on February 1, 2013 11:03 AM

Sleeping Dogs fans have something to look forward since Square Enix has announced plans to bring more content to the game during the first three months of 2013.

The list of DLC includes:

  • Year of the Snake: Places Wei Shen back in the Hong Kong Police Department as he takes on various missions after the main game that has him taking on a cult known as the Cult of the Snake.
  • Movie Masters Pack: Provides three new outfits that give players the ability to dress up as a kung fu hero.
  • Wheels of Fury: Dr Tang, longtime friend of Wei Shen, has created a weaponized car to take back the streets in this super powered car and take on the missions included in this DLC.
  • Law Enforcer Pack: This pack gives players access to police gear that includes two new outfits, a new weapon, and five police vehicles.
  • Monkey King Pack: Gives players the opportunity to play as the mythical Sun Wukong. Wei can wield a two-handed staff to face off against the demons of the Hong Kong underworld.

All this DLC will give fans of the game more to do once they have completed the game and those that have not picked up the game yet may want to consider it when this DLC drops.

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