Slime-san: Blackbird’s Kraken Announced; Adds New Levels, Challenges, And More

Slime-san: Blackbird’s Kraken Announced; Adds New Levels, Challenges, And More

Slime-san is getting an expansion named Blackbird's Kraken in July.

Today publisher Headup Games and developer Fabraz announced a brand new expansion coming to their game Slime-san.

Titled Blackbird’s Kraken, this expansion will introduce a ton of brand new features, including twenty-five new levels, ten new target challenges, a submarine mode, a speedrunning mode, a first-person shooter mini-game, secret characters, collectibles, and more. You can check out the full features list below:


  • 25 normal and NG+ levels within a giant kraken!
  • 10 target mode challenges that will test your skills!
  • 200 Bananas to collect and spend in a furniture shop!
  • A customizable house that you can style and furnish to your heart’s content!
  • A submarine mode with a unique boss fight, can you beat the Kraken?
  • A speedrunning mode to compete with in leaderboards!
  • An entire tropical Island you can explore and discover with tons of characters!
  • A bizarre FPS mini-game: Gloomy! Can you beat the alien invasion?!
  • Loads of cutscenes and story elements to experience and enjoy!
  • Secret characters and set-pieces to discover across your journey!
  • A tutorial to learn the ropes as well as extensive settings to tinker with!
  • Music by Adhesive Wombat, FantomenK, Richard Gould & Mischa Perella!
  • More secrets!

Headup Games also released a brand new trailer to accompany the announcement, as well as some screenshots, which show off some of the features that can be found in the expansionYou can check them out at the end of this article.

In other Slime-san news, back in April, the game was announced to be coming to consoles sometime in Q3 of 2017, however a more exact release date, and the specific consoles, were not revealed.

Slime-san: Blackbird’s Kraken will be available on July 20th, 2017, and will be available as free update for those who already own Slime-san, however the expansion can be purchased by itself for $4. The base game was originally released on April 7th, 2017. Slime-san is currently a part of Steam’s Summer Sale and is discounted by 35%, bringing its price down to $7.79. The deluxe edition, which includes the game’s soundtrack is also a part of the sale, and is available for $9.74.