Slime-Shaped Meatbun on Sale in Japan

Slime-Shaped Meatbun on Sale in Japan

I’ll admit, when I was a kid Dr. Seuss’s Green Eggs and Ham was one of my favorite books. But this is just disgusting.

Japan has come out with a meat bun (I’m guessing it’s pork, but I’m not sure) shaped like Dragon Quest‘s cute little blue blob. Down to the cute smile and everything.

Except it doesn’t belong on food, and eating a blue blob is just nasty. I love a good meat bun, but nothing could make me eat this. I almost lost it several times writing this article.

A lot of Twitter users in Japan seem to feel the same way. One guy sliced his into thin sections, several have been spray-painted, and still others have microwaved them half to death. All of which I feel are too nice. Please, for the love of Yevon, stop.