Smart or Stupid: A Devil May Cry Reboot

By Kyle Durant

March 2, 2011

To the misfortune (or luck) of fanboys everywhere, Capcom announced, at Tokyo Game Show 2010, that the Devil May Cry series will be getting a gothic reboot. For those just finding out about this (which is quite sad), the new DMC is being developed by Capcom USA in conjunction with Ninja Theory. Ninja Theory of course creating Heavenly Sword and Enslaved: Odyssey to the West. So was upsetting nearly the entire DMC fanbase worth the new, updated reboot? Check the “Smart or Stupid” reasons and trailer after the break.

Why it is Smart: Don’t get me wrong, the Devil May Cry series is an amazing action-adventure experience. But with today’s society…what do you think of regarding demons and apocalyptic events…mostly horror with a gothic attitude. This way, the DMC series is moving along with the trends to appeal to new people (as you can see in the trailer above). Their thinking here hopes that drawing in a new crowd will still grab that old crowd full of Devil May Cry die-hards. After all a famous title can sell no matter the content and Call of Duty is proof.

Let’s pretend for a second that Devil May Cry never existed. Now measure up the new DMC you saw in the trailer. The game itself looks pretty cool doesn’t it with the deep voice, weird demons, and a torture cell? Now take back the pretending. The only reason one would hate this is the reboot aspect. I’d say definitely give this game a chance to shine on its own.

Logically, the DMC franchise hasn’t changed much since its rendition in 2001. It’s pretty much the same basic concept (though fun) and not “new gamer” friendly. Plus, some people believe that the Devil May Cry story is one of the hardest to follow in gaming. So this reboot could be a “breath of fresh air”. If nothing more Capcom can always fall back on the old classic Dante and make a DMC 5.

Lastly, look at who is helping make the new DMC…Ninja Theory. Although they’re far from a great developer, they know what they are doing. Heavenly Sword and Enslaved were both above average games, with faults, and Ninja Theory can use them as stepping stones. If they can build on their success and fix their errors, this new DMC can be a breakthrough in the series.

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Why it is Stupid: Let’s face it. A lot of fanboys out there were crying their eyes out, in their beds, while their mothers consoled them when they heard the news. When you suddenly announce a reboot to an already popular franchise, with a huge fanbase…people are bound to be upset. I’m sure some people have already planned boycotting this upcoming DMC because of the heartbreak.

A user by the name of NakedGun said the following.

“Yeah if they wanted to change the game, make a new franchise, maybe then no one will complain. They ruined the character and franchise with a reboot for a franchise that didn’t need one. You take one of the most recognizable video game characters and take a dump on him.”

I completely understand that viewpoint. Kingdom Hearts is by far my favorite video game series. (Stay tuned for another Smart or Stupid article on that very subject). If anyone involved with the game even hinted at the possibility of a reboot…I’d be downright mad beyond comprehension. Taking something someone loves and changing it, seemingly, for no reason can be tough.

A possible result of that pain can lead fans to forego the Devil May Cry series altogether. Even if the old DMC made an appearance down the line. In the end, sales are going to be hurt as well; thus possibly leading to the downfall of the DMC franchise. Obviously, this is a huge nightmare for developers and proves that what Capcom is doing is a huge risk.

So with that realization, Capcom must be very confident in this new game approach. I’d hate to think that they are what must be left unsaid. To finish up, at least give this new game a chance before you judge it. You may come to realize you love this reboot better than the old DMC; however, change is not always good.

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