Spectator Throws Crab at Hungrybox Following Major Smash Tournament Win

Spectator Throws Crab at Hungrybox Following Major Smash Tournament Win

After Hungrybox won a Super Smash Bros. Melee tournament at Sunday at Pound 2019, a spectator threw a raw crab at him.

On Sunday at Pound 2019, top-level player Juan “Hungrybox” DeBidema was almost hit by a crab from a spectator after winning the tournament. Hungrybox is considered one of the best Super Smash Bros. Melee players in the world and is known for playing Jigglypuff.

Following his loss in winners to Cloud 9’s Mang0, Hungrybox made his way through the loser’s bracket to play Mang0 again. He ended up resetting the bracket and then winning Grand Finals. After shaking hands with Mang0 he noticed something fly past him and then lifts up a dead crab from the floor for everyone to see. The commentators were extremely upset by what happened as well as Hungrybox who went off towards the crowd. He later went to Twitter to apologize for his temper regarding the action.

According to well-known fighting game commentator James Chen, it has been found out who the person that threw the crab is, but his name has not been made public. Hopefully, the person will be known soon because the Smash Bros community does not tolerate that kind of behavior and will likely be punished due to it.

In general, the Super Smash Bros. competitive community has a mixed reception of him as a player. Some people find him the best there is while others hate him for his playstyle, seeing it as boring and dry compared to other top players. Whatever you think about him, it’s still very rude to disrupt anyone like this, even if it is pretty funny and unexpected.

The next major Super Smash Bros tournament will be Get on my Level 2019 in May. Hopefully, no unnecessary drama ensues there.