Smash Orcs In Sacred Citadel

By Masoud House

November 29, 2012


Sacred Citadel is many things. It’s a side-scrolling game that evokes the arcade brawlers of the past. It’s an action RPG, too, one that blends three player co-op hack & slash gameplay with stat-leveling, quests, collectibles, items, a night and day system, and more. And it’s both a stand-alone game in the Sacred series, and a prologue to the upcoming Sacred 3.

Sacred Citadel is set in the once-peaceful world of Ancaria, a world threatened by Lord Zane, his Ashen Empire, and his army of modified Orc henchmen, the Grimmocs. Citadel centers around three heroes, presumably of the series’ protagonists the Seraphim, who unite to take on the threat of war.

Similar to other downloadable brawler games, Citadel is more enjoyable when played with friends, and can be played online or locally with instant drop-in/drop-out capability. The three heroes will be able to take on one of four classes, made to be complimentary of each other, encouraging players to think tactically, support each other, and fight as a team. Citadel also offers various towns, shops, and missions for players to earn experience.

Sacred Citadel will be coming to the PSN, XBLA, and PC sometime next year. Check out the screenshots below and stay tuned to for more news.

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