Smashbox Arena Release Date Announced for PlayStation VR

Smashbox Arena Release Date Announced for PlayStation VR

Smashbox Arena receives a release date for PSVR and new trailers showcasing new characters, powerups, and maps.

In May, BigBox VR announced that its popular virtual reality multiplayer game for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, Smashbox Arena, would be coming to PlayStation VR this summer. Recently the studio has announced the launch date, Tuesday July 25.

Smashbox Arena is a competitive, multiplayer experience of team vs team shootout battles. While its core mode is the multiplayer mode, the title also features a single-player story mode, with the solo option including three difficulty levels to work through, which will unlock further customization options for characters. There are six power-ups to master, such as the Giant Boulders, Sniperballs and Heat Seeking Missiles which can do even further damage.

Smashbox Arena allows friends to join up for a party match or head onto the internet to face opponents from across the globe. If there aren’t enough real players to make up a team, AI characters can be created to make up the numbers.

Also, the developer has released three new trailers called as a series of videos from the developers called “Enter the Arena” with each covering an aspect of the game.

Smashbox Arena is already available for Steam and requires either the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift VR units and their respective controllers.