Smashing Persona 5 Trailer Gets Over One Million Views in 24 Hours, Soundly Beats Final Fantasy

Smashing Persona 5 Trailer Gets Over One Million Views in 24 Hours, Soundly Beats Final Fantasy

The new Persona 5 trailer that finally unveiled the game yesterday is proving extremely popular, with long-time fans and new converts almost literally going bonkers over it.

People are clicking on that video like crazy, and at the moment of this writing it has been watched 1,173,185 times, accumulating 20,156 likes, while only 363 crazy wackos clicked on the “dislike” button.

It’s also making people discuss on Youtube, triggering 3,358 comments.


In comparison, it completely obliterated the new Final Fantasy Type-0 Trailer with new footage of Final Fantasy XV‘s demo Episode Duscae, that Square Enix released just half a hour earlier.

As I’m writing, that one is sitting on 139,364 views and 850 likes, with 174 comments.


To be fair, we could say that Persona 5‘s trailer had the advantage of coming after a long wait, but if we look at the history the trailers of the Final Fantasy series, which is much better known, this kind of success rare, with just a handful over the million views, and that’s in several months or even years (you can check out both the North American and Japanese Square Enix channels ordered by popularity).

Moving back to Persona, this new trailer already beat the one showcased five months ago, which revealed the hero for the first time, and is close to overtaking the first reveal teaser, which has accumulated 1,310,000 views in over a year, and is the most popular Atlus trailer in recorded history.

Of course, this isn’t to say that Persona 5 is better than Final Fantasy, or even then Final Fantasy XV. They’re extremely different games and franchises that cannot be compared, but it’s amazing to see a JRPG belonging to a franchise that has always been considered rather niche, basically standing on par popularity-wise with one of the most popular JRPG franchises of all time, and even beating it with trailers released at the same time.

We’re still a bit far from some of the most popular western RPGs, with Dragon Age Inquisition‘s “The Breach” trailer racking up almost 10 million views, just to bring an example, but we’re talking about marketing resources on a completely different planet there.

It makes you wonder just how popular some JRPGs could be if they had that kind of massive promotional money pushing them.

It’ll be interesting to see if all this visibility will turn into actual groundbreaking sales when the game will be released later this year, but Atlus seems to have a winner in its hands.

You can check the trailer out again below, for good measure.