Smite Update 8.3 Patch Notes - What is Included and When is it Out?

Smite Talons of Tyranny update will be out later this month and brings tons of new changes and features to the game.

March 4, 2021

Hi-Rez Studios has officially shared the roadmap for Smite 8.3 update last night. The new update will be rolled out in three phases and will bring some quality of life improvements to the gameplay and servers while fixing dozens of bugs and balancing a significant number of Gods and items. Let’s dive into the details of the update.

Release Schedule:

As mentioned before, the update will be launched in three phases. In phase one, on March 9, the developers will roll-out the 8.2 Bonus Update which is the remaining balances and changes from the last update. On March 23, the Smite 8.3 Talons of Tyranny Update will be rolled out, which is the main upcoming update, and in April, the 8.3 Bonus Update will be available for download.


Smite 8.3 – New Skins:

  • Heroic Husky Fenrir
  • Chibi Inu Amaterasu
  • Sushi Neko Bacchus
  • Nekomancer Zhong Kui
  • Plushie Cernunnos
  • Classic Ao Kuang Kukulkan
  • Dino-mighty Cerberus
  • Bit Slayer Tsukuyomi
  • Unholy Doodle Ra
  • Battle Tagger Skadi
  • Deathy Chibi Thanatos
  • Forgotten Gods Chaac
  • Sobek (x2)
  • Death Dealer Sobek

Smite 8.3 – New Battle Pass:

  • Heroic Husky Fenrir Skin (Paid)
  • Chibi Inu Amaterasu Skin (Paid)
  • Nekomancer Zhong Kui Skin (Paid)
  • Heroes of the Wild Loading Frame (Paid)
  • Nekomancer Announcer Pack (Paid)
  • Chibi Inu Loading Screen (Paid)
  • Doggo Playtime Recall Skin (Paid)
  • Heroes of the Wild Music Theme (Paid)
  • Kitty Tears Death Stamp (Paid)
  • Nekomancer Loading Screen (Paid)
  • Doggo Snacks Level Up Skin (Paid)
  • Corgi Butt Jump Stamp (Paid)
  • Nekomancer Avatar (Free)
  • Oh Lawd He Comin! Global Emote (Free)
  • Heroic Husky Avatar (Free)
  • Bandit Kitty Ward Skin (Free)
  • Sushi Neko Bacchus Skin (Free)
  • Cat Lover Title (Free)
  • Dog Lover Title (Free)

Smite 8.3 – Quality-of-Life Improvements:

NA Server Region:

  • We will be testing this again in PTS
  • A new UI Element will prompt NA players to choose between East and West has been added to help people be aware of the region
  • Live launch of this region in 8.3 will be considered after PTS testing


  • Isis is being renamed to Eset (Ee-set) to decrease concerns of demonetization of content videos and to remove content algorithm confusion issues
  • This is an ancient Egyptian alternate spelling
  • This spelling has appeared in Encyclopedia Britannica, Museums, and Universities
  • This Goddess has many other names that could have been acceptable
  • Uses of the word “Mayan” are being fixed to “Maya” which is the proper term
  • Updated queue images to use art from the current maps.

Smite 8.3 – Bug Fixes:


  • Fixed an issue where if players had the item store open when the enemy team called for a pause, the player would be unable to close the Item Store.
  • Fixed an issue where Ranked Reward screen is not showing the correct progress
  • Fixed an issue where new started items had no text in the console item builder
  • Fixed an issue where the Babylonian Pedestal was facing the wrong direction in the god lobby
  • Fixed an issue where players sometimes could not trade in Assault lobbies
  • Fixed an issue where Arena and Siege Juggernauts had unintended large yellow outlines

General Gameplay

  • Fixed an issue where minions would sometimes ignore players
  • Fixed an issue where MMR gains and losses were inconsistent between game modes
  • Conquest:
    • Fixed an issue in Duo lane where the first Brute minion was spawning one wave too early
    • Fixed an issue where some abilities could damage the HP of “downed” lane scorpions. This is intended to only take damage from basic attacks.
    • Fixed an issue where god health bars would sometimes disappear as gods entered/exited lanes
    • Fixed an issue where some MOTDs were on the previous versions of the Conquest Map or not working at all


  • Thoth:
    • Fixed an issue where the Book of Nightmares skin was missing the deep voiced warmup audio on Thoth’s Ultimate Ability
  • Tiamat:
    • Fixed an issue where her serpents would not take damage from certain gods who had recently stance-swapped
    • Adjusted Tiamat’s passive description for more clarity
    • Fixed an issue where the icon would show “?” when Tiamat used Spead of the Magus
  • Tsukuyomi:
    • This god can no longer go through Janus portals while firing his ultimate. This could cause Tsukuyomi to get into a broken state
  • Danzaburou:
    • Fixed an issue where FX could attach the the wrong part of his body in some occasions
  • Persephone:
    • Fixed an issue where her ultimate vines would not be visible to all players sometimes
  • Kumbhakarna:
    • Fixed an issue where Warlord Kumbhakarna could get in a broken state while walking and using the VXG
  • Anubis:
    • Fixed an issue where the Jackal tech skin would spawn a single FX particle outside the ability areas
  • Agni:
    • Fixed an issue where Agni’s passive was providing more than 1 stack on items like Soul Gem and Blood Soaked Shroud
  • Thanatos:
    • Fixed an issue where his scythe would clip through his body when going into his out of combat animations
  • Xbalanque:
    • Fixed an issue where his lobby animations and FX didn’t line up as intended
  • Sobek:
    • Fixed an issue where the Dragon’s Light skin had no AoE FX on ability 3, sickening strike
  • Merlin:
    • Fixed an issue where the Flicker ability could be lit up in the UI as if it was usable even when it had no point ranked in it


  • Seer of the Jungle:
  • Fixed an issue where this buff could be gained permanently
  • Fixed an issue where Blessings and Blessing Upgrades were not showing stats on console item builder.
  • Fixed an issue where Popular Items were showing some items multiple times.

Item Balancing:

T2 Sage’s Stone (Rework):
  • Cost: 1400g
  • +50 Health
  • +20 Magical Power
  • +15 Physical Protection
  • +15 Magical Protection

Stone of Fal (Rework):

  • Cost: 2500g
  • +150 Health
  • +35 Magical Power
  • +30 Physical Protection
  • +30 Magical Protection
  • PASSIVE – When you hit an enemy god with a basic attack you gain a stack of Fal’s Blessing giving you 2% damage mitigation per stack. At 3 stacks you gain double the damage mitigation and 20% CCR. This effect lasts for 10s.

Mail of Renewal (Rework):

  • Cost: 2400g
  • +300 Health
  • +15 HP5
  • +20 Physical Protection
  • +20 Magical Protection
  • PASSIVE – When you are hit by an enemy god you gain a stack, up to once a second, increasing your protections by 4. Max of 5 stacks, lasts for 5s each. At max stacks, upon being hit you are immediately healed for 15% of your maximum health. Allies within 35 units heal for 15% of their maximum health over 20s. This effect can only occur once every 60s.


  • Increase Health from 75 to 100
  • Increase GP5 from 2 to 3
  • This item now has a minimum bonus gold and bonus XP value of 1

Manikin Scepter:

  • No longer provides 3 flat damage reduction
  • When you defeat Jungle Monsters who is burned you restore 15 Health and 15 Mana

Eye of the Jungle:

  • Increased Magical Power from 20 to 25
  • While in the Jungle you gain 15 HP5 and 10 MP5
  • Decreased HP5 from 15 to 10
  • Decreased Attack Speed from 15% to 10

Protector of the Jungle:

  • Decreased Physical Power from 65 to 55
  • Decreased Magical Power from 100 to 80
  • Decreased Attack Speed from 35% to 25%

Sands of Time:

  • Decreased Cost from 800 to 750
  • Increased MP5 from 5 to 10

Sentinel’s Gift:

  • Increased Cost from 500 to 600

Tainted Steel:

  • Decrease Cost from 750 to 700
  • Increase Physical Power from 10 to 15
  • Increase Magical Power from 15 to 20

Death’s Toll:

  • Decreased Cost from 750 to 650
  • Decreased Health Restore scaling from 0.75% of your Maximum Health to 0.4%
  • Decreased Mana Restore scaling  from 1.5% of your Maximum Mana to 1%
  • Increased Physical Power from 10 to 15
  • Increased Magical Power from 20 to 25
  • No longer heals off of towers and phoenixes.

Death’s Embrace:

  • No longer heals off of towers and phoenixes

Vampire Shroud:

  • Decreased Cost from 850 to 750
  • Decreased Health restore from 6 health to 4 health
  • Decreased Physical Protection from 15 Physical Protection to 10 Physical Protection
  • Increased Magical Power from 15 to 25

War Flag:

  • Increased buff duration from 8s to 10s

War Banner:

  • Increased buff duration from 8s to 10s

Gods Balancing:


  • This ability now has an added audio and visual elements on the AoE to signify if the Heart Bomb will stun the hit target. This information is shown to all players.


  • Decreased the post-fire of his Ultimate from 0.73s to 0.4s
  • He still needs to complete his post-fire animation before he can take further actions


  • This ability will no longer trigger item effects that activate “after using an ability” (Hydra’s Lament, Bumba’s Hammer)


  • Increase slow duration from 2s to 3s
  • Decreased Cooldown from 16s to 16/15.5/15/14.5/14s
  • This ability can now be canceled early


  • Increase duration from 1.0/1.25/1.5/1.75/2.0s to 1.2/1.4/1.6/1.8/2.0s
  • Now Deals 50/80/110/140/170 + 30% Scaling


  • Change Cooldown from 16/16/15/15/14 to 15/14.5/14/13.5/13
  • Change Cooldown from 16/15.5/15/14.5/14 to 15/14.5/14/13.5/13

Ah Muzen Cab:

  • Increased max hives from 6 to 7
  • Increased slow from 20% at all ranks to 20/22.5/25/27.5/30% per rank


  • Increased Max Darts enemies can be hit by from 3 to 5: This affects “hit” damage only and is reduced on extra hits, poison still does not stack
  • Increased Max Darts fired total from 10 to 15: This creates much smaller gaps between darts at max range, and higher likelihood of more hits at close/mid range


  • Increased Physical Power Scaling on final hit from 50% to 60%


  • Heat now takes longer before it starts to decay from 4s to 6s.

Ah Puch:

  • Increase Healing from 5% of max health to 7%.
  • Increased Initial Damage Scaling from 10% to 20%


  • Increased Flurry Hits scaling from 18% to 25%.
  • (Increased Scaling total from 160% to 195%. (7% over 5 hits for +35% scaling))

Smite 8.3 Update volume is yet to be known, but regarding the number of changes and skins, it would probably weigh similar to the 8.2 update. The game is available for free on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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