SMITE Bringing the Battleground to PS4 with Alpha Today; Closed Beta Coming in March

SMITE Bringing the Battleground to PS4 with Alpha Today; Closed Beta Coming in March

For a few years now the epic SMITE has secured a pretty steady fanbase on PC and Xbox One, and now the third-person MOBA is bringing the battleground over to PlayStation as the game will begin transitioning over to PS4 in the coming months ahead.

A new post on the PlayStation Blog revealed that SMITE will be coming to PS4, with the game arriving today in a closed alpha on PS4 and the post also sharing some new trailers of the game in action on PS4.

In addition to the closed alpha testing currently live, a closed beta for SMITE on PS4 will also be coming in early March, with sign-ups available now for users interested in getting an invitation to the beta period when it arrives.

SMITE will retain its free-to-play structure from previous platforms, while PS4 players will have “instant access” to all of the game modes and five free gods: Ymir, Thor, Neith, Guan Yu, and Ra. Players will also have access to any gods that are available within the free rotation” of characters, while players can unlock additional gods with Favor or Gems, or in special community events.

The closed beta on PS4 will also provide new skins for several of the characters exclusively for the PS4, such as the “World’s Collide” skin for Odin that players can unlock as a free reward by linking their PS4 accounts to the PC version’s account through developer Hi-Rez Studios. PS Plus members will also get the “KuKu4” skin for Kulkulkan as an exclusive reward, while other skins will also be available as well.

SMITE is currently available for Xbox One and PC, with the game currently in closed alpha testing for PS4 – in the meantime, you can check out several trailers and screenshots from the game below: