SMITE (A Free-to-Play MOBA) is Now Available on the Nintendo Switch

Players can now access SMITE on the Nintendo Switch through the Founder's Pack closed beta (which costs $29.99 so it's not Free-to-Play yet!)

SMITE recently hit 100 playable gods following this year’s SMITE World Championship, but they also announced that they’d be bringing their game to the Nintendo Switch. Now, players can access a closed beta of the game on Switch by purchasing the Founder’s Pack.

The Founder’s Pack costs $29.99 and includes every god (including future releases) as well as 400 gems and two skins: Dragon Empress Scylla and Dashing Deceiver Loki.

Cross-play will also be coming to SMITE in the near future to allow players to play with their friends across Xbox One, PC, Mac Steam, and the Switch. Sony doesn’t seem to be playing nice still. This feature will be launching alongside the 6.1 update for SMITE which is slated for late January so “Soon.”

When Hi-Rez Studios announced that they would be bringing SMITE to the Switch, it might not have surprised fans since their hero shooter, Paladins, also made the migration. But while SMITE may have a lot of big contenders on PC, the Nintendo Switch is a different playing field.

As with other consoles, free-to-play games do really well because they’re an easy way for friends to get together without having to break out their wallets. Paladins got a bunch of my friends to play together on Switch, even though the game had been available on other platforms for some time.

In addition, queue times on SMITE have steadily increased over the past year as players leave the game, especially on PC, but with the addition of cross-play, there will be more players in the potential pool and that means players will get into games faster. There’s something depressing about signing into a game you enjoy and actively seeing that fewer people are playing through means of the queue timer.

Hitting the 100-god milestone is a big accolade for SMITE. If you want to hear more about it you can check out our interview with the Lead Designer AJ Walker here.

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