Smite Reveals New God: Susano, God of the Summer Storm

Hi-Rez Studios has unveiled their next god for MOBA Smite: Susano, God of the Summer Storm. He will be the third Japanese god in the game, and will be released alongside patch 3.8.

His passive “Swift as the Summer Storm” adds movement speed for reach trained ability that is in cooldown mode. “Storm Kata” is a three tier attack with the first attacking in a cone, second in a circle, and third by dashing forward. “Wind Siphon” deals damage in a cone in front of him, and enemies in the center are pulled closer to him. “Jet Stream” creates a whirlwind in front of him that he can teleport to even when the whirlwind has surrounded an enemy. Lastly “Typhoon” has two tiers, the first creates a hurricane that pulls enemies in, and the player can activate the second tier which launches the storm for damage.

You can check out Susano’s two skins, as well as other new god skins, in the image gallery at the bottom of this post, and can check out Susano in action in the following trailer:

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