Smite Season 5 Jungle Camps and Bosses Detailed in Developer Update

Smite Season 5 Jungle Camps and Bosses Detailed in Developer Update

Smite's season 5 is fast-approaching and with it will come lots of changes, here today though is a preview of the game's newest camp designs.

The Smite World Championship is right around the corner, but one of the most interesting traditions lies right around the corner: the introduction of a new season. While each new season brings about a slew of balance changes to gods, items, and the map, this season we’re seeing some pretty comprehensive changes to the jungle both in the design of the camps and in the aesthetics of the land between lanes too.

You can check out images and videos of the new camps below.

Every single buff camp has been remodeled as a new (and terrifying) creature and you may note a very distinct shift in art style in accordance with the new season, plus, some of the artistic changes shed light on mechanics and design as well according to the Developer Tumblr.

Fire Giant

The end-all-be-all of jungle camps has been remodeled to look more like Surtr, tying in with the Ragnarok theme that compels all of the game’s Norse gods together. He no longer has his magma pools attack but has found a new attack to replace it according to HiRezAjax.

Portal Demon

The Portal Demon has been completely reimagined as a Pyromancer. The portal portion has also been removed and replaced with a fountain-based speed buff for the team that kills it.

Gold Fury

The Gold Fury has been redesigned to represent its “furious” nature, with the model more closely representing that of the Greek Fury– a demon from the underworld– as opposed to a flying bird woman.


Well, they’re no longer Harpies and they no longer hang out in front of the Gold Fury. The new Oracles will have their own camp area and will look more like the twisted Greek Fates they’re meant to.

Red Buff

The Manticore is back! This time as the new Red Buff, though, the Ogres might be mad they’re out of work now.

Smite is currently available on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 for free. DualShockers will be attending the upcoming Hi-Rez Expo so be sure to keep it right here for more news in the world of Smite. You can check out the latest patch notes here, or read up on the newest god addition, Discording.