SMITE Season 5 Kicks Off Today, Introducing a New Map for Conquest

SMITE Season 5 Kicks Off Today, Introducing a New Map for Conquest

Season 5 of SMITE starts today, and baked in with it is the new Conquest map, god balance changes, item additions, and much much more.

Since Hi-Rez Expo 2018 there have been a lot of announcements about MOBA SMITE’s upcoming Season 5. Whether it was the change in the map or the new shifts in god balance, the only thing that has went unmentioned is when the new season would drop. And following a busy “Double Everything Weekend” the dust has cleared, revealing that Season 5 will be starting today.

SMITE‘s seasons bring more than just the beginning of a new ranked period, but are more fleshed out in nature. For instance, the largest balance overhauls are normally incorporated at the end of each season after consideration of the previous season’s and Smite Pro League’s meta gameplay from the previous year.

On top of that, we see the re-introduction of both a new Season ticket (filled with new skins and a new in-game store) which should be available to everyone immediately. Additionally, SMITE (as mentioned above) has tweaked the map to their most popular mode — Conquest — to incorporate a new Hades-oriented experience to match the in-game story. According to Hi-Rez Studios, additional efforts were put in to have the Jungle creatures and Fountain Guardians be more reflective of source material origins — in other words, expect to see some Satyrs, Manticores, and literal Greek Titans.

SMITE is a free-to-play MOBA available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. For further details, you can check out SMITE‘s official site for the Season 5 update.