SMITE Season 7 Begins, Introducing a New Joust Map, a New Event, and Much More

Smite season 7 has finally arrived and it has brought a whole lot of changes to the long-running MOBA.

January 29, 2020

Today free-to-play MOBA Smite is launching its seventh season introducing many new features, from maps and events to new season passes and cosmetic skins. Smite first launched on PC in 2014 and has found success, since expanding to Xbox One, Playstation 4, and Nintendo Switch making it one of the longest surviving MOBAs, and the only MOBA playable on every major console.

Standing out is the introduction of a new joust map. Smite’s 3v3 game mode joust is the most popular game mode and hasn’t seen a new map since Season 3 released in 2016. This new map introduces a brand new aesthetic, and balances changes including the reintroduction of the speed buff.


Season seven also brings balance changes to Conquest: Smite’s main competitive mode. On Smite’s website, developer Titan Forge games wrote:

“A new season of Conquest comes with many changes. We approached these changes with a problem and solution methodology. As always, our core goals with Conquest are to make sure all 5 Roles have a positive experience and feel impactful, with as many gods, items, and strategies being viable at one time.”

In conquest Smite players often prefer playing high damage positions. Hopefully, with these new changes, players will feel more impactful frontline roles like support and solo-lane. Aside from balance changes a new event, Jade Corruption, is launching. The event features a new character and focuses on a sinister corruption of China’s sacred jade gemstones. This new event features 6 new cosmetic god skins, with another 7 coming with this update. Some new skins are purchasable separately, while others are included in the new 2020 season pass sold for $39.99.

Since launching in 2014 Smite has experienced ups and downs. The 2019 Smite World Championship peaked at 26,876 concurrent viewers, a large drop from the previous 2 years which broke the 100,000 marks. Conversely, Smite has picked up new players through its introduction to new console platforms. Hopefully, season 7 will reinvigorate Smite’s competitive scene while still providing for casual players. With the introduction of a new season, there is no doubt thousands of people will be playing Smite, making it a perfect time to give it a shot.

Smite is free-to-play on PC and all consoles and published by HiRez studios. Other games published by HiRez studios include Paladins, Realm Royale, and upcoming shooter Rogue Company which releases later this year.


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