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Smite Season 9 Update Start Time, Maintenance Schedule, Patch Notes

January 25, 2022

Smite Season 9 is all set to arrive soon, and there are a number of changes that will be taking place in the game.

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The latest Season of Smite will be making a plethora of changes, starting with the arrival of an all-new DLC, the Season Pass 2022. There is a new Battle Pass as well, known as Hellfire Syndicate. Here are the release timings and patch notes of the update.

Smite Season 9 Update Start Time & Date

The Smite Season 9 update will be released today, 25th January. As far as the timings are concerned, Hi-Rez Studios has announced that the servers will be going offline at 11:30 UTC. The developers have not announced how long the maintenance will take, but players should be able to log back in within a few hours.


Smite Season 9 Patch Notes

You can get all of the Season 9 Gods, and some spectacular content for each, all-year-long with the SMITE Season Pass 2022! After purchasing, you will also immediately unlock the Limited Space Scoundrel Danzaburou skin, Space Scoundrel Loading Screen, “Most Wanted” Title, and 1000 Gems!

  • Season Pass 2022 – $39.99 USD, includes the following items:
    • 1000 Gems
    • Space Scoundrel Danzaburou – Limited
    • Space Scoundrel Loading Screen – Limited
    • “Most Wanted” Title
    • As well as all of the following content for each new God released in 2022:
      • Unlocks the Gods for gameplay, if you do not own the Ultimate God Pack
      • Base Recolor Skin
      • New Limited Recolor Skin
      • Voice Pack
      • Wave & Clap Emotes


January 25
  • Hellfire Syndicate Battle Pass
  • Season Pass 2022
  • The Dharmic Era Event
  • The Dharmic Era Conquest Map
  • Slash Map & Game Mode
  • Season 9 Ranked Rewards


Welcome to the Dharmic Era Event!

Every 2 weeks we will release an event bundle with 4 exclusive items! On initial release the bundles will cost 900 gems and once the next bundle releases the previous bundle will become 1200 gems. Purchase 2 bundles to unlock the exclusive Rama Skin, purchase 4 bundles to unlock the unlimited Loki Skin.Questing is free for everyone! Discover the Hindu Gods in the Codex by “seeing” them in matches. This can be achieved by playing as, playing with, or playing against these Hindu Gods. Seeing a god 3 times grants the player the Ultimate Hindu Pantheon Frame. This frame levels up with an icon every time you complete a full god portrait in the Codex.

  • Week 1
    • Dharma Bundle
      • Prototype 2.0 Charybdis Skin
      • Bone Wraith Kukulkan Skin
      • Cutesy Prototype 2.0 Avatar
      • Bone Wraith Loading Screen
  • Week 3
    • Varna Bundle
      • Xeno Weaver Arachne Skin
      • Malware Mercenary Osiris Skin
      • Xeno Weaver Announcer Pack
      • Spiders! Jump Stamp


  • Fixed an issue where the new ranked system would show incorrect god filtering and sorting during picks and bans
  • Fixed issues where players were not receiving god mastery avatars for each 10 gods mastered
  • Fixed additional issues with Ranked Leaderboards
General Gameplay
  • Fixed an issue where accounts at exactly level 30 would experience matchmaking issues making it hard to get a match in Joust, Arena, or Conquest (levels 1-29 go to new player queues, 30+ go to normal queues)
  • Fixed an issue where the “Diamond are Forever” Achievement was not properly unlocking
  • Persephone
    • Fixed an issue where Bone Rush wasn’t applying a slow
  • Heimdallr
    • Fixed an issue where his Bifrost ability could be used but not go on cooldown in rare instances
  • Chang’e
    • Fixed an issue where Chang’e’s Pirate Admiral and Pirate Queen skins play default FX for their A01 and A03
  • Ah Muzen Cab
    • Fixed an issue where the Stingpunk Skin cannot see the AoE radius of his Hive’s effects
  • Cliodhna
    • Fixed an issue where this god could still be picked when banned by other players in ranked.
  • War Flag
    • Fixed an issue where the gold gain from this item could stop working if multiple War Flags were present on multiple players in the area
    • Fixed an issues where some of Thoth’s, Yemoja’s, and Athena’s abilities were not triggering gold gain as intended


  • New Map Audio Queues have been added for various map events on various SMITE game modes
    • Conquest
      • The Fire Giant has arrived
      • The Gold Fury has arrived
      • The Pyromancer has arrived
      • Your team has destroyed the Fire Giant
      • Your team has destroyed the Gold Fury
      • Your team has destroyed the Pyromancer
      • The enemy team has destroyed the Fire Giant
      • The enemy team has destroyed the Gold Fury
      • The enemy team has destroyed the Pyromancer
      • Your Obelisk is under attack
      • The Obelisk is active
      • The Obelisks are active
      • Your team has fully powered the Obelisk
      • The enemy has fully powered the Obelisk
      • The enemy has fully powered their Obelisk
    • Slash
      • An enemy Juggernaut has arrived
      • Your Juggernaut has arrived
      • The enemy Juggernaut has been destroyed
      • Your Juggernaut has been destroyed
      • Apophis has arrived
      • The enemy has destroyed Apophis
      • Your team has destroyed Apophis
    • Arena
      • Your team has 50 tickets remaining
      • Your team has 10 tickets remaining
      • The enemy has 50 tickets remaining
      • The enemy has 10 tickets remaining
    • Joust
      • The Bull Demon King has arrived
      • The enemy team has destroyed the Bull Demon King
      • Your team has destroyed the Bull Demon King
  • All music packs will now have ambient music, some will have unique music for this, others will use the default music
  • This volume of this ambient music can be adjusted with a new volume slider labeled Ambient Music
  • The Commendations Screen has undergone a visual update
Apollo Remodel
  • The God of Music has a new default look!
  • This is automatically applied to his default, recolor, and mastery skins
  • He has had some minor audio and particle FX updates, his voice pack is unchanged though
  • Classic Apollo will be for sale in the store priced the same as other Classic Skins


Commendation Rewards
  • On 9.1 launch you will earn your Sobek skin for good behavior
  • The new Season commendation skin again – to be revealed later
Ranked Rewards
  • On 9.1 launch you will earn you previous years ranked border (janus) 
  • Janus skin will no longer be able to be earned
  • Grave Golem Geb is now able to be earned
  • On 10.1 you’ll earn your Grave Golem Loading Frame with the emblem of the highest rank ever attained in Season 9
Ranked Reset
  • MMR Soft Reset – All players will have their MMR compressed toward 1500, this has a more potent effect on players who are further from 1500
  • Rank Soft Reset – Players will be set to a rank that corresponds with their new MMR post reset
  • All God Leaderboards will be reset, and the system has been adjusted to make higher ranked god borders easier to obtain
  • Made further adjustments to God Leaderboards to make higher ranked borders more obtainable



SMITE’s first totally NEW and permanent game mode in years is finally launching! Slash takes elements from both the Siege and Clash modes and merges them together into an entirely new mode! The map features traditional tower, phoenix, and Titan objectives and a jungle sized in between those of Siege and Clash. The open center area and 5v5 team sizes from Clash ensure frequent fighting and rotations, and new Juggernaut camps that can be cleared to Spawn your own Juggernaut that push lanes and be teleported too like Siege. Order players will play from the Maya side, featuring an all new art set for this classic pantheon. Chaos players will play from the Egyptian side. We are very excited to introduce this new casual objective focused map in SMITE Season 9!

  • Key Stats
    • 5v5 Team Size
    • Starting level 3, Starting Gold 1500
    • No banned items 
    • Counts for all types of progression and relevant quests, and appears in match history
    • Has accolade for “Slash Matches Played”
    • Siege and Clash will be removed from the normal queues list 
    • Siege and Clash will be options for Custom Matches
    • Map Layout: 
  • Apophis’ Chosen Juggernauts
    • Juggernauts have a completely new look modeled after the boss of this map: Apophis. The humanoid snake-men will spawn in specific camps across the map and when defeated will join the team who dealt the final blow. They will push down lanes and use a variety of melee and ranged attacks. 
    • The Minion counter to earn Juggernauts from Siege will not exist on this map. Players must clear the camps to spawn a Juggernaut
  • Portals
    • If your team owns a Juggernaut, a portal will open in your base 
    • There will now be two different portals to allow players to choose which lane to travel to in the event of two Juggernauts being owned at once
    • Teleportation is no longer instant, but instead a fast fight down the lane path, gods are immune while traveling 
  • Objectives
    • Apophis will remain as the main Jungle Boss 
      • Spawns in the center camp at 10:00
      • The team that slays Apophis is granted a buff
        • Veil of Apophis
          • Grants +50 Magical Power, +30 Physical Power. Enemy gods hit by your abilities take damage equal to 2% of their max health over 4 seconds. You heal for 4% of your Health and 2% of your Mana every 5s. Damage to enemy structures is increased by 25%
      • At 20:00, Apophis becomes Enhanced, providing a more powerful buff
        • Shadow of Apophis
          • Grants +70 Magical Power, +50 Physical Power. Enemy gods hit by your abilities take damage equal to 4% of their max health over 4 seconds. You heal for 4% of your Health and 2% of your Mana every 5s. Damage to enemy structures is increased by 25%
    • Juggernaut Camps
      • Slaying a Juggernaut in one of the Wild Juggernaut camps will grant your team a friendly Juggernaut that pushes a lane
      • There are four total Wild Juggernaut camps
        • A middle contestable pair on the outside of each lane
          • First spawns at 4:00
          • Respawns every 4 minutes
          • Both camps in the contestable pair alternate between hosting a Juggernaut and an Enhanced Speed, Mana, or Damage buff
          • Slaying a Juggernaut in one of these camps will spawn a Juggernaut in the lane it is closest to
        • A safe pair near each team’s base
          • First spawns at 10:00 when Apophis arrives
          • Respawns every 4 minutes
          • Slaying a Juggernaut in one of these camps will spawn a Juggernaut in a random lane, prioritizing the lane without a Juggernaut currently pushing it
      • Wild Juggernaut
        • Base Stats
          • XP Reward: 150
          • Gold Reward: 50
          • Health: 1500
          • Physical Protection: 30
          • Magical Protection: 10
          • Physical Power: 50
        • Stat Scaling every 2 minutes
          • Health: +150
          • Physical Protection: +4
          • Magical Protection: +1
          • Physical Power: +4
    • New Jungle Minion – Jaguars – Speed Buff Holders 
      • One Speed Camp resides in each team’s Jungle to the north and south of Apophis’ lair
      • First spawns at 0:30
      • Respawns every 4 minutes
      • Speed Buff
        • Increases Movement Speed by 15%
      • Enhanced Speed Buff
        • Increases Attack Speed by 15%
    • Blue Buff Baboons have undergone texture and model updates
      • Two Mana Camps reside in each team’s Jungle, near the Tier 2 Towers
      • First spawns at 0:30
      • Respawns every 4 minutes
      • Mana Buff
        • Grants +25 MP5 and 10% Cooldown Reduction
      • Enhanced Mana Buff
        • Grants an additional +25 MP5 and 10% Cooldown Reduction
    • Red Buff Hyenas
      • Damage Camp resides at the center of the map until Apophis replaces them
      • First spawns at 0:00
      • Respawns every 2 minutes
      • Damage Buff
        • Increases Physical and Magical Power by 15%, +10 Magical Power and +5 Physical Power
      • Enhanced Damage Buff
        • Increases Physical and Magical Power by an additional 10%, +10 Magical Power and +5 Physical Power

A new Season is upon us and thus the Conquest map must change accordingly. This new map features a series of major changes.First, the map’s art style is changing to reflect the peaceful age that Shiva has ushered in. The Order side displays a temple to Shiva side by side with Mount Olympus, and the Chaos side has become overgrown after Tiamat abandoned it, and mortals are now dismantling and rebuilding the ruins as they see fit. The lighting is a bold daylight, a stark contrast from the dim and dark winter visuals.Next, a major new gameplay feature is being introduced – The Obelisks. These create a new objective cycle that overlaps on top of other map objectives. This cycle creates a big shift in the jungle that teams can use to get big advantages, and it also provides a unique reward to the team that fully charges their Obelisk each cycle. And most importantly, you do NOT need to deliver anything to the Obelisks to charge them, just pick up the Offerings anywhere on the map!We also have a series of balance changes. Jungle Bosses are becoming more lethal, and cyclical features like the Draugr and the Mist Lanterns are exiting the map, although they could always return again in the future! –

  • New Objective – Obelisk
    • The Obelisks are map objectives that drive a new gameplay loop layered onto Conquest
    • Overview
      • Each team now has an Obelisk in their side of the Jungle
      • The Obelisks are banks of power which teams power up by collecting Offerings
      • Offerings are pickups that will drop from Marked Camps when the Obelisks become active
      • The first team to fill up their Obelisk with 7 Offerings is granted Indra’s Scepter, a powerful new type of Jungle Buff
    • Gameplay
      • At 4 minutes into the match, the Obelisks become active, and certain Jungle Camps around the map become Marked
        • Jungle Camps that become Marked immediately respawn at this moment if they are dead
        • Clearing a Marked Camp spawns a single Offering that either team can pick up to add one point of power to their Obelisk
        • Marked Camps are much more dangerous than normal Jungle Camps
          • +20% Max Health
          • +10 prots
          • +50% Attack Speed
          • +15 Power
        • Naga monsters spawn near the center of each lane, which also drop an Offering when slain
      • While the Obelisks are active, the Jungle Camps remain Marked until one team powers up their Obelisk completely.
      • Offerings can be stolen from the enemy Obelisk by standing within its radius and taking 10% of their current health as True Damage for every Offering stolen
      • When one team has filled their Obelisk first by collecting 7 Offerings, that team is granted Indra’s Scepter
        • Both teams are also awarded 25 Gold and XP per player for every Offering they collected while the Obelisks were active
      • Both Obelisks then become inactive for 4 minutes
        • All Marked Camps return to normal
        • Offerings can no longer be collected while the Obelisks are inactive, and the Obelisks are emptied of their Offerings
  • New Jungle Buff – Indra’s Scepter
    • Spawns at the Obelisk for the team that powered theirs up first
      • Cannot be picked up by the enemy team
    • Has a lifetime of 4 minutes, which begins ticking down as soon as it spawns
    • The Scepter will follow the first friendly God that touches the Scepter
    • While following, the Scepter has two modes
      • If no enemies are within 35 units of its owner, the Scepter grants an aura of 25 HP5 to all nearby allies
        • This effect is tripled for friendly Structures
      • If enemies are within 35 units of its owner, the Scepter will fire ball lightning projectiles every second at up to 5 enemy targets simultaneously.
        • Each lightning projectile deals 3.5% of the enemy’s Max Health
        • The Scepter prioritizes targeting enemy Gods over Minions
  • New NPC – Naga
    • These will spawn in place of the previous lesser scorpions
      • 2 in duo lane, 1 in solo lane
    • Removed the healing deployable spawned by Lesser Scorpions
    • These drop Offerings while the Obelisks are active
  • Scorpions
    • Greater Scorpions
      • Now only reside on the Fire Giant’s side of the Jungle
      • Each team now has one on their side of the map
      • Destroying a Greater Scorpion now enhances all of the Jungle Buffs on the side of the Jungle for the team that slayed it, until the Scorpion respawns
    • Lesser Scorpions
      • Removed from the lanes and now this model has been moved to be the the Support (Green) Buff holder
  • Draugr
    • The Draugr has returned to the abyssal depths from whence it came, it and its buff have been removed
  • Balance
    • Fire Giant
      • Increased Physical and Magical Power scaling from 2 to 4
    • Pyromancer
      • Increased Physical Power scaling from 2 to 4
    • Gold Fury
      • Increased base Physical Power from 120 to 130
      • Increased Physical Power scaling from 2 to 4
    • Naga
      • XP Reward: 75
      • Gold Reward: 50
      • Health: 660
      • Physical Protection: 9
      • Magical Protection: 2
      • Physical Power: 28
    • Greater Scorpion
      • Increased base Physical Power from 60 to 70
    • Lesser Scorpion (Support Buff)
      • XP Reward: 34
      • Gold Reward: 24
      • Health: 300
      • Physical Protection: 9
      • Magical Protection: 2
      • Physical Power: 15
Roman Arena

The Arena is getting a boost to the XP and Gold gain of the mode. We are introducing a lot of late-game features and we want Arena players to be able to experience them as often as possible.

  • Increased Gold spooling from 10 to 12
  • Increased XP spooling from 10 to 12

Chinese Joust (Also known as Season 3 Joust, and the current default Joust)Joust is seeing a similar change as Arena, with a shift that will lead to higher late game XP and Gold, with a slightly larger emphasis on XP, as players often struggle to hit level 20. It should also be noted that we plan to keep the current Joust map as the default for the foreseeable future. It largely outperformed the Classic Joust and Jade Corruption maps. We might experiment with some more rotations but for now this will be our Joust mode.

  • All Lane Minions
    • Increased scaling frequency from every 3 minutes to every 2 minutes
    • Increased scaling XP Reward from 0 to 4
    • Increased scaling Gold Reward from 0 to 1.5
  • Melee and Brute Minions
    • Decreased base XP Reward from 65 to 60
  • Ranged Minions
    • Decreased base XP Reward from 45 to 40
Game Updates
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