Smite Update 8.8 Patch Notes, Introducing Charybdis, the Greek God

Smite adds new Greek God and new God Skins.

By Mehrdad Khayyat

August 5, 2021

Smite update 8.8 patch notes points at upcoming events in the month of August as well as an additional 8.8 bonus update earlier in September.

Smite players have received another big update today that adds a lot of new stuff to the game while changing the balance and fixing dozens of bugs.

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The new update introduces Charybdis, the new Greek God who already seems to be a powerful character in the game. Featuring five different abilities, Charybdis could be a real threat to opponents despite having a peaceful look.

Charybdis would be a great choice for players who mostly rely on ranged attacks.

Aside from the new character, Smite update 8.8 patch notes reveal a list of new upcoming God Skins that you wouldn’t want to miss. In addition to alternative skins for Charybdis, the new update brings new outfits for Ravana, Khepri, and some other gods.

Take a look at the 8.8 patch notes down below:

SMITE – The Ceaseless Whirlpool | Charybdis Cinematic

SMITE – The Ceaseless Whirlpool | Charybdis Cinematic

Smite Update 8.8 Patch Notes

New Greek God: Charybdis


  • Raging Tides
    • Charybdis’ attack speed increases as her Tide increases. Successful Basic Attack hits increase her Tide. Charybdis deals less damage with item effect procs.
  • Spike Shot
    • Charybdis reveals The Maw as it fires large spikes for a short duration dealing Basic Attack damage. These projectiles pass through minions and are wider and faster than normal Basic Attacks. On hitting enemy gods and walls, the spikes splinter dealing additional damage.
  • Capsize
    • Charybdis absorbs water from around her before firing a quick blast from The Maw. Enemies are hit by a rapidly decaying Slow and Physical Protection debuff. This ability can be channeled for longer, consuming Tide on fire, to become wider, strengthen the debuff effects and deal more damage. Up to 40% Tide consumed.
  • Whirlpool Form
    • Charybdis dives into a whirlpool she creates, expanding and revealing the terrifying Maw. Charybdis moves faster and deals damage to enemies caught in the area. This ability can be amplified by toggling it again and spending 30% Tide. Doing so increases the damage dealt and movement speed as well as providing extra damage and a knockup on exiting. While submerged, Charybdis is untargetable and immune to damage for up to 3s.
  • The Maw Hungers
    • Charybdis reveals her true nature, becoming immune to Crowd Control for the next 6s, and gaining movement speed. She may make one powerful attack as The Maw charges forward, damaging and carrying back enemies hit before chomping down, damaging again and stunning. If she kills an enemy god with the attack, she gains another 6s and may attack again.

New God Skins

  • Polar Beast Ravana
  • Confectionary Khepri
  • Solar Navi-gator Sobek
  • Whirling Waters Charybdis
  • Ascended Charybdis
  • Charybdis Masteries
  • Mystic Magus Ra
  • Kero Kero Danzaburou
  • Toon Mania Cthulhu
  • Neith’s Biggest Fan Zhong Kui
  • Valhalla Vice Heimdallr
  • Classic Bacchus
  • Draconic Devastator Thanatos
  • Sakura Android Neith
  • Malworm Jormungandr


  • General
    • Ranked leaderboards are undergoing a series of backend engineering changes and fixes. This is not ready to be deployed to live in this update but will continue to be a priority for future updates.

Bug Fixes


  • Role Trade
    • Fixed an issue where role trades could sometimes not swap when accepted, and could sometimes still swap even when declined
  • Neo Olympia Loading Frame
    • Fixed an issue where this would not properly load the card art 
  • Spectator
    • Fixed an issue where spectating arena games would not show the ticket counts

General Gameplay

  • Drauger
    • Fixed an issue where the Drauger’s knockup ignored knockup immunities.


  • Ah Puch
    • Fixed texture issues on the Galactic Invader skin
  • Zhong Kui
    • Necomancer skin will no longer T-pose in lobby 
  • Kukulkan
    • Fixed an issue where certain skins would have animation problems on victory/defeat screens 
  • Janus
    • Fixed an issue where the Presedential Punisher skin would sometimes not show portal targeters on very long range portals 
  • Persephone
    • Fixed an issue where Bone Rush could deal more damage than intended when used on minions and jungle monsters.


  • Leather Cowl
    • Fixed an issue where the range of the passive said 66 units, it is intended to be 55 and should now read as 55
  • Manikin Hidden Blade
    • Updated the text to correctly describe the health damage as % Maximum Health.
    • Fixed an issue where this item was dealing incorrect % health damage to jungle bosses and minions.
  • Charon’s Coin
    • Fixed an issue where this item was providing 15 HP5 rather than the intended 7.
  • Seer of the Jungle
    • Fixed an issue where the FX despawned before the duration of the buff ended.

Balance Changes

You can check out the Balance Changes through this link as there is a long list of changes, each with its own descriptions and notes.

Smite is now available for free on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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