Smite World Championship is Now the Third Highest Prize Pool in eSports History

on December 24, 2014 7:08 PM

Smite, the third-person MOBA that lets you battle it out with a variety of deities, has now raised the third largest prize pool in eSports history thanks to community crowdfunding.

The $2,145,803 prize pool was bolstered by cash spent by the community on Odyssey items, similar to how Valve enhanced Dota 2‘s The International tournament in a similar manner. Thanks to the community, the Smite World Championship has surpassed League of Legend‘s 2014 World Championship prize pool to become the third largest in eSports history. Dota 2 currently owns the honors of the largest prize awarded, giving out over $10 million for The International 4 back in July.

The feat is relatively impressive, especially considering how young Smite is as an eSport. The game’s capability of amassing such a large amount of winnings to distribute is a testament both to the community it has formed and the growth of eSports in the past year. Hopefully we can see more games able to provide a similar level of reward for players going forward into 2015.

The Smite World Championship occurs on January 9th through the 11th at the Cobb Performing Arts Center in Atlanta, GA. You can download and play Smite for free now on PC, with an Xbox One version set to release sometime in the first half of 2015.

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