Smoke and Sacrifice Developer Diary Released by Solar Sail Games and Curve Digital

Solar Sail Games and Curve Digital have released a developer diary for Smoke and Sacrifice, which launches on Nintendo Switch and PC later this month.

on May 10, 2018 1:25 PM

Almost a week after its release date was announced, Solar Sail Games and Curve Digital have released a developer diary highlighting the different mechanics of their upcoming survival RPG Smoke and Sacrifice.

For those of you who don’t know, Smoke and Sacrifice follows a mother who live in a mostly peaceful farming community; unfortunately, parents have to sacrifice their firstborn child in order for the village to prosper. The player character sets off to discover what happens to these children, as they just disappear when they are sacrificed.

The world is very brutal though. Smoke and Sacrifice tries to stand out by having every environment be a unique ecosystem. While the creatures in there will attack the player, they will also fight each other, pollinate the environment, and even reproduce. The player gets more powerful as the game goes on, and can eventually command creatures to fight for them.

You can check out the new developer diary below. Smoke and Sacrifice is currently set to launch on Nintendo Switch and PC on May 29 before coming to PS4 and Xbox One later this year.

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