SmuggleCraft – A New Kind Of Racing, Coming To the PS4, PC, Mac and Linux Next Year

April 10, 2015

Happy Badger Studio has announced a new game called SmuggleCraft which will bring a new kind of racing to the PlayStation 4 as well as PC, Mac, and Linux.

SmuggleCraft will be a quest-based hovercraft game that will bring a new perspective to the racing genre. The game consist of player-selected missions complete with illegal contraband, high-speed chases, and valuable payouts. Using your mission rewards, players will pay off their debts, upgrade their hovercraft, or provide aid to the side of their choice in the world’s social conflict.

Additionally, Happy Badger Studio stated that “No two players will have the same experience with SmuggleCraft” considered that each track is randomly generated each game, providing a unique series of driving conditions for every player.


SmuggleCraft will be releasing on PlayStation 4, PC, Mac, and Linux in Spring 2016. Keep up with more info via the game’s official blog.

Christian Chiok

Christian has been a gamer since his early childhood. His first video game system was the NeoGeo, which has made him a big fan of the King of Fighters and the Metal Slug series. Additionally, Christian enjoys cooking, listening to music, watching anime and has an interest in graphic design.

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