Sniper Elite Board Game Pushed Back Amid Coronavirus Concerns

Sniper Elite Board Game Pushed Back Amid Coronavirus Concerns

Sniper Elite's foray into board gaming has been pushed back amid the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Last year, Rebellion, the developer behind the popular Sniper Elite series, announced that they were opening up a new board game publishing studio. The first game, based on Sniper Elite, was set to launch on Kickstarter in Q1 2020. However, today the studio announced that they are pushing back the campaign due to concerns around the coronavirus pandemic. See their tweet below.

In the update, the Sniper Elite board game team points to not wanting to ask people to back the game given the current global crisis. And that makes sense. After all, with everyone feeling the strain of COVID-19, it’s hard to imagine too many people putting down money on a Kickstarter game from a new studio. That’s not to say that Rebellion Unplugged can’t make a good game. They’re just still unproven with the board gaming community.

Interestingly, one of the biggest board game Kickstarters ever recently had to deal with this same issue. Cephalofair’s Frosthaven campaign was pushed back a week before launching a few days ago. That team made the decision to let anyone who backs at the $1 level still have access to the pledge manager. Which means you can essentially reserve a pre-order copy and pay for it later. As a much newer studio, the Sniper Elite team probably can’t do that. Frosthaven was going to be made no matter what. Sniper Elite might not have quite as much leeway.

It’s not all bad news though. In the extra time the team has, Rebellion is working on a new single-player mode. It also gives them even more time to build up content and make the best Kickstarter they can.

Sniper Elite the Board Game will launch on Kickstarter later this year. Stay with DualShockers for all your board gaming news.