Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army 2 Is Coming To PC

on September 8, 2013 1:38 PM

In happy sequel news, Nazi Zombie Army 2 has been announced for PC and Rebellion expects the sequel to arrive before the end of the year on PC.

Nazi Zombie Army 2 once agains features OSS agent Karl Fairburne and three of his pals fighting off the zombie horde in Berlin. However, this time you can expect everything creative to be bigger as Tim Jones stated,

We really wanted to heighten the demonic, nightmarish tones of the first game. The environments, the levels, the soundtrack all give a strong feeling of descent – each encounter, each level becoming progressively more hellish. Most importantly though, we’ve expanded the legions of Nazi undead with some really intimidating new enemies which we’ll reveal soon.

Bigger sometimes can be better and maybe soon we’ll get a good idea of just what Rebellion intends for NZA2. In addition to this news, even though for the time being it’s just a PC game, the developer is hoping to take advantage of the self-publish option on both the PS4 and Xbox One to possibly reach more players. Rebellion isn’t denying nor confirming this, it’s just a “possibility.”

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