SNK 40th Anniversary Collection Pumps Up Number of Free Post-Launch Title From 10 to 11

SNK 40th Anniversary Collection Pumps Up Number of Free Post-Launch Title From 10 to 11

The nostalgic wave continues as SNK 40th Anniversary Collection gets a surprise 11th title added to its post-launch bundles.

The upcoming retro gaming compilation SNK 40th Anniversary Collection for Nintendo Switch has promised free post-launch support in the form of 10 additional classic 80s arcade games. The first five were announced recently featuring such titles as Munch Mobile and Chopper I. However, in a surprise announcement from NIS America, it’s been revealed that the final bundle will feature not five, but six old school classics.

This bundle of golden oldies will span a number of different genres from sports titles to light-gun shooters. Bermuda Triangle is a frantic top-down vertical-scrolling shooter which originally hit arcades back in 1987. Intergalactic shooter Zma Wars is also part of this robust roster; known as the first title to ever be developed and published by SNK. World Wars rounds off the last addition to SNK Anniversary Collection’s catalogue of vertical shooters.

Stepping into other genres, 1988’s Paddle Mania is a tennis title that plays by its own set of rules and often sees the player fending off against multiple opponents at once. Beast Busters brings some light-gun fun into the mix while SAR: Search and Rescue provides some fast-paced run and gun action.

SNK 40th Anniversary Collection will be available exclusively for Nintendo Switch on November 13, 2018, featuring 13 games including timeless classics like Pshyco Soldier and Guerrilla War. Nine of the post-launch titles will be available on December 11 as part of an automatic patch, while SAR: Search and Rescue along with light-gun shooter Beast Busters will be available for free from the Nintendo eShop.