SNK 40th Anniversary Collection’s New Trailer Focuses on Athena and Psycho Soldier

SNK 40th Anniversary Collection’s New Trailer Focuses on Athena and Psycho Soldier

Athena and her descendant are ready to bring their retro platformers to Nintendo Switch in SNK 40th Anniversary Collection.

Classic 80’s platformers Athena and Psycho Soldier are the focus of the latest trailer for SNK 40th Anniversary Collection; a compilation of choice titles from the iconic company’s long history scheduled for release on Nintendo Switch later this year.

First released in 1986, Athena is a platformer where you play as the goddess who lends her name to the game’s title. This game is notable for its branching paths which allow multiple playthroughs to provide different experiences as you gather armour and weapons along your journey. Athena’s adventure takes her through caves, forests, and even underwater as she does battle with a variety of adorable creatures.

The game’s follow-up Pshyco Soldier is a Sci-Fi adventure that sees you play as a direct descendant of the original game’s Athena named Athena Asamiya as you jump between five lanes to keep up with the action on this automatic side-scroller. Asamiya is armed with telekinetic blasts which she can use to take out enemy creatures and create pathways through barriers.  Pshycho Soldier is also believed to be the first video game to feature a song with vocals on its soundtrack.

SNK 40th Anniversary Collection will land on Nintendo Switch on November 13, 2018, and will sport such classics as TNK III, P.O.W., Street Smart and Victory Road.

Athena Asamiya will also be returning to our screens in SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy when it lands on PlayStation 4 and Switch on September 7. Check out the trailer for Athena below: