The SNK 40th Anniversary Collection Is Available Now for Nintendo Switch, Here’s What’s Included

The SNK 40th Anniversary Collection Is Available Now for Nintendo Switch, Here’s What’s Included

The SNK 40th Anniversary Collection is now available and has a load of title available, with more next month.

Yesterday, NIS America launched a trailer for their SNK 40th Anniversary Collection that is available now for Nintendo Switch. You can watch the trailer at the bottom of this post.

The SNK 40th Anniversary Collection comes with 13 titles included in the collection, with arcade classics dating from 1980 – 1990. A further 9 titles will be added to the base game for free after players update to V1.02 post-launch and those are listed below. Two additional titles will be included with a free DLC titled Beast Busters/ S.A.R. 

Originally the SNK 40th Anniversary Collection had 10 post-launch titles but it added one more, bringing the total to 11.  We already saw a few titles announced earlier this month.

In total, there will be 24 titles, and all titles are rendered to suit the Switch and will allow you to save and even rewind throughout the games. There’s also a gallery featuring special materials and never-before-seen collections

Here’s what you can expect to find in the SNK 40th Anniversary Collection.

Featuring arcade and console switching

Alpha Mission
Originally from 1985, this single-player vertical scrolling shooter uses lasers to hit airborne forces and missiles to destroy ground units.

Another single-player title, this time from 1986 and a platformer where protagonist Athena starts in a red bikini, progressively unlocking more armor and weapons. It allows players to warp to different areas and following branching paths.

Launching in 1990, this was SNK’s first delve into action RPG where the player would traverse vast lands in a sci-fi fantasy hybrid. It allows players to utilize swords, equipment, and armor while battling evil. This is only available as a console version.

Ikari Warriors
A 1986 title for 1-2 players and uses a run and gun theme inspired by popular Western movies around that time. This was SNK’s first co-op title.

Victory Road
Another title for 1-2 players, this 1986 game was the sequel to Ikari Warriors, introducing aliens, vehicles, and monsters instead of human enemies. It also features the “Show some guts!” line during the boss.

Ikari III: The Rescue
1989 saw the final part of the trilogy bring 1-2 players to the run and gun scene once more but with a stronger focus on melee. Players can find weapons, but they’ll mainly be roundhouse kicking and throwing barrels.

Guerrilla War
This title brought back the style of Ikari Warriors in 1987 and allows 1-2 players to cause havoc with tanks. This was known as Guevara in Japan and has enemies that could change tactics depending on the order their teammates were killed.

This brawler title for 1-2 players that launched in 1988 had players trying to escape from a prison. They’d use a three button input to perform a wide range of brawling combat and could find rare weapon drops.

This 1985 title is a single-player experience that features a top-down run and gun that allows scrolling in all directions. Tanks can fire different types of shots it was the first SNK title to use the rotary knob.

Arcade Only Versions

Prehistoric Isle
This single-player 1989 scrolling shooter put players against dinosaurs, creatures, and hostile cavemen. The title allows players to rotate around the ship, and depending on where they are placed, one of five special weapons would spawn.

Psycho Soldier
1987, this 1-2 player title brought platforming fun as someone who seems to be a direct descendant to Athena and must rid evil from the world after a seal of darkness breaks. She’s joined by Sie Kensou and the two smash through bricks to find items and power-ups.

Street Smart
The first fighting title from SNK landed in 1989 and had 1-2 players choosing between Karate Man or Wrestler. The levels allow players to move in all directions and even lets them go co-op against the computer. Once the computer is defeated they fight each other anyway to get the attention of a lady.

In 1981 this single-player allowed scrolling in multiple directions, horizontally, vertically, and diagonally. It was the first SNK title to use 4 buttons and takes place through six stages with a boss battle at the end. Once defeated the game loops on a harder difficulty.

Chopper I (Post-launch)
1-2 Players can jump into this 1988 title and shoot down enemy tanks, helicopters, and boats while vertically scrolling through the level. Four types of power-ups are available but with one hit, you’ll lose your power-up.

Fantasy (Post-launch)
Controlled using only a joystick, this 1981 action adventure title finds one player avoiding enemies rather than attacking. The goal is to trawl through a bundle of levels until you finally rescue Sherry, the love of your life.

Munch Mobile (Post-launch)
A single-player title from 1983 allows players to race a sentient car with stretchy arms. Players control the car and also control the arms to grab food, gas, and money. You also get to throw rubbish in the bin, so it keeps you thinking clean.

Sasuke vs Commander (Post-launch)
This gallery-shooter allowed solo players in 1980 to protect the Shogun from Ninja. It’s detailed that this title was one of the first games to feature bosses.

Time Soldiers (Post-launch)
Another single-player title and one from 1987 and has the player traveling through time so they can rescue their comrades. It’s a top-down action shooter.

Bermuda Triangle (Post-launch)
Taking control of a ZIG aircraft, this 1987 title for 1-2 players would command up to 3 SYD escort fighters while battling enemies. These battles take place through space-time warps which will have them traveling further back in time.

Ozma Wars (Post-launch)
A 1979 title that allows 1-2 players to fight against UFO’s and other space debris as they attempt to dock in at the mothership. They’ll be trying to dock before their energy levels run out as well, and is one of the first titles to be known with to have disparate levels.

Paddle Mania (Post-launch)
1988 saw 1-4 players play tennis against one another as different athletes from different sports. It can be played as a 1v1, 2v2, and even 2v1.

World Wars (Post-launch)
In 1987 players could play the sequel to the Bermuda Triangle, and 1-2 players can move their ship around and travel the world while dispatching enemies as they travel.

Titles available with the Beast Busters/S.A.R. DLC Bundle

Beast Busters
With 1-3 players being supported in this 1989 rail shooter, players shoot their way out of a city avoiding zombies through seven stages.

S.A.R. Search and Rescue
Another run and gun title from 1989 finds 1-2 players investigating a crashed spaceship, only to find themselves battling hostile aliens.

You can grab two versions of the SNK 40th Anniversary CollectionA standard edition, or a limited edition that comes with the base game, an art collection hardcover art book, and a nostalgic music collection soundtrack, all wrapped up nicely in a collector’s box.

SNK 40th Anniversary Collection is available now for Nintendo Switch and you can grab it at Amazon if you want. The post-launch titles will land on December 11.

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