SNK Launches Pre-Orders for the NEOGEO Mini International with a New Trailer

SNK released a new trailer for its NEOGEO Mini International Ver., revealing the start of pre-order in multiple European countries.

on September 11, 2018 7:21 AM

SNK published a new trailer for its upcoming NEOGEO Mini International version.

The trailer reveals the pre-order start time for multiple countries: September 10th 10:00AM for United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, and Italy. It also includes a detailed list of the official pre-order retailers in each country. The trailer also teases the controllers showcased in a Japanese trailer will be coming for this version as well.

SNK previously revealed the full game list for both NEOGEO Mini and NEOGEO mini International version. As you can see it’s quite different, the NEOGEO mini International version. has less competitive games overall (and is missing Twinkle Star Sprites!!), so be sure to choose wisely depending on your tastes.

NEOGEO Mini International version releases in United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain and Italy in October 2018. According to the official retailers, it releases on October 10th for 129.99€ in France, on October 14th for the same price in Germany, and on October 29th for 129.99£ in United Kingdom. SNK seems to be a nostalgia roll, with a new Samurai Spirits coming soon in 2019.

You can check the trailer below.

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