SNK's Samurai Spirits Revealed at PlayStation’s TGS Lineup Tour; Coming 2019

Samurai Spirits (the Japanese iteration of Samurai Shodown) is getting a brand new PS4 fighting game by developer SNK, coming in 2019.

September 10, 2018

SNK isn’t done pulling punches. After the launch of SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy, it looks like they will be bringing a reboot of a classic fighting game: Samurai Spirits. Released originally in 1993 via arcade as Samurai Spirits (and Samurai Showdown in the United States), this will be the first time we’ve seen a new game in the series in over a decade.

The trailer that debuted at PlayStation’s TGS Lineup Tour begins with some foreboding notes about the story. After that, we cut to some heavily stylized fighting gameplay that looks terrific. There hasn’t been a huge deep-dive into the mechanics, but the visuals look terrific thanks to what looks like a healthy mix of cel-shading.


The last game in the Samurai Spirits / Samurai Shodown line was Samurai Shodown: Sen, an arcade and Xbox 360-exclusive title that first released in 2008. However, the game suffered otherwise middling reviews, despite a large base of hardcore fighting fans supporting it. It is unclear whether this version of the game will similarly be greeted on Microsoft platforms.

Samurai Spirits will release sometime in 2019 on the PS4; whether it will be coming to other platforms or coming to the West will likely be revealed soon. Meanwhile, check out the reveal trailer below:

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