You Can Now Make Your Very Own Snorlax at Build-a-Bear Workshop

You Can Now Make Your Very Own Snorlax at Build-a-Bear Workshop

If you're looking to catch some extra Z's with a cuddly friend, Snorlax will be your perfect pal to do that with at Build-a-Bear stores.

When it comes to Pokemon that are cute and cuddly, there’s no denying that fan favorites like Pikachu, Jigglypuff, and Eevee might come to mind. However, if you’re looking for some extra emphasis on that cuddly part, then it seems like Snorlax might just be able to help in that department, especially if you can make it to a Build-a-Bear store.

Build-a-Bear Workshop has announced that a new, extra cuddly Snorlax plush doll is now available to make at stores in the US and UK. This isn’t the first time that Build-a-Bear has offered stuffable versions of popular Pokemon, as the store also currently offers other pocket monsters in stores like Pikachu, Psyduck, Snubbull, and more, but the thought of curling up next to a plushy Snorlax is just too much to think about.

The Snorlax plush by itself costs $35 in stores to make, while a number of special clothing items and accessories are also available to go along with it. Specifically, that includes a set of Snorlax-themed pajamas (complete with cap), a 5-in-1 Snorlax sound button that can be put into the doll and pressed, and a special, exclusive Snorlax Pokemon Trading Card. All of these items are included in a bundle package from Build-a-Bear’s website, which retails for $57 on the online store.

Snorlax is now available to make at Build-a-Bear Workshop stores worldwide – for a closer look, you can check out the images of the plush doll below: