Social Games Cheaters Likely To Cheat in the Game of Love

on January 10, 2012 6:00 PM

Do you catch your new boo cheating at those Facebook games he or she spends hours playing with strangers? Might want to keep an eye on him or her, says a new study by PopCap Games.

The survey, conducted by Information Solutions Group on behalf of the Plants Vs. Zombies maker, found that people who cheat at social games are three times more likely to cheat on their significant others than those who don’t use Scrabble word generators between rounds.  Of the 1,200 in the U.S. and U.K. surveyed who admitted to cheating in games, approximately 48 percent also said they weren’t faithful. Another 14 percent admitted to cheating in the game of life, from theft to tax evasion and such while playing fair online. Too bad real life doesn’t come with low-gravity codes.

Some of other results of the study include a conclusion that U.S. gamers are more honest than those in the U.K. — 7 percent of U.S. social gamers admitted to cheating while 11 percent of their U.K. counterparts did. Okay, so maybe this means the British are more forthcoming about their cheating. Who’s to say, really? About 118 million people play social games between the two territories, according to the study.

About 51 percent of these social games cheaters also admit to parking in handicapped spots. Now that’s just too much.

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