Social Networking on the 360 Not For Everyone

Social Networking on the 360 Not For Everyone

It has been confirmed, then re-confirmed, by Microsoft that one of their biggest announcements of this past E3 will NOT be available to everyone who owns an XBOX 360. Only gold members will be able to partake in the social networking phenomenon that are Facebook and Twitter, and will be the only ones able to enjoy some smooth tunes from Last fm. There will be a free trial but usual those who own an XBOX Live Silver membership will be left out like the red-headed step children they are, and just hope for free “Gold Membership Weekends” in order to change their “what are you doing now” status update on their 360. Social networking is a double edged sword on the 360 I think. The last thing I need is my status to change on it’s own to “…is streaming ‘Space Jam’ over Netflix for the 50th time.” Either way here’s what MS had to say:

Facebook and Twitter on Xbox LIVE will be free to Gold members, with a free trial period also available for Silver members. Facebook and Twitter on Xbox LIVE will offer a truly one-of-a-kind social experience, completely optimized for the TV and seamlessly integrated onto your console. Add to that exclusive access to, Netflix instant streaming, demos, trailers and discounts, plus the best multiplayer gaming network on the planet, and we’re confident Xbox LIVE Gold memberships is hands-down the best value in home entertainment. We’re committed to adding new features and value for our Gold members, and will continue to do so.

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  1. I can see both sides of the argument on this one: On one hand, its nice that they’re adding more value to a gold membership. On the other hand, Facebook and Twitter are free anywhere else on the planet, requiring $50/year to use them on the 360 is a bit odd when I could just walk over to my computer or pick up my phone to update my status.