Social Networking Takes a Virtual Step Into Reality

Social Networking Takes a Virtual Step Into Reality


Do you want to grab a drink at the pub? Maybe get “jiggy-wit-it” on the dance floor? How about striking up a conversation with an awesome individual like yourself? Well, now is your chance! All of this and more will become available on 3Dchat on July 7th, 2010.


3Dchat is a virtual world and a customized social networking environment with a little something in store for everyone. 3Dchat is for PC, and was developed by Golemlabs Studio. 3Dchat will allow you to venture into a world where you will be able to participate in activities, meet new people, and interact with realistic environments that are replicated from real-life locales all by the click of your mouse.

Currently, you can register for the open beta at for your chance of an early entry into this realistic virtual world.