Social Networking Tools Out for the Xbox 360

By Yaris Gutierrez

November 17, 2009

There are many of us who hate having to move from our comfortable thrones of gaming – our couches. There’s nothing like sitting back, getting online to play with friends, searching the net and watching movies – all while your love-handles take shape. With social networking becoming the new “it” thing, everyone and their mother involved in the console market is trying their hardest to make sure your life becomes convoluted with as much laziness as possible. Hence, Microsoft launching social networking tools on the Xbox 360.

Microsoft has just launched a host of new community features for the Xbox 360 with Facebook, Twitter, and Zune functionality all now added to the console services. Forget your PC – the thing is only used for whatever it does now, right? You can now do all the nifty things most teens usually use the PC for now – and that is, social networking, listen to music, watch movies, and play games. Your Xbox 360 now does it all… besides surf the web for Brazilian fart porn.

The new features will no enable users to post to Facebook and Twitter feeds, as well as listen to music via, and watch streaming 1080p HD content with Microsoft’s portable handheld, Zune.

In a nutshell, here’s what the new stuff allows you to do:

  • Facebook: Update your status to share the movie, game or entertainment you’re enjoying, connect with friends and view their Facebook stream, status updates and photos on the big screen – as well as compare your Xbox Live and Facebook friends lists.
  • Twitter: Discover, post, and reply to Tweets on your Xbox 360. You can view friend profiles, trends and conversations, or search Twitter content.
  • Set up personalised radio stations with on Xbox 360. Skip, ‘ban’ or ‘love’ songs to create your perfect mix, with built-in “Gamer Stations” featuring music selected specifically for the gaming community (available in the US and UK).
  • Zune: A premium high fidelity video experience with instant-on HD in 1080p and 5.1 channel surround sound for Xbox Live, with no waiting for downloads or buffering. The experience can also be shared with up to seven friends through voice chat and Avatar integration on the TV screen.

Unfortunately, the only problem with using Facebook, Twitter and is that it will require users to subscribe to Microsoft’s Xbox Live Gold membership in order to access any of the aforementioned services; which are all freely accessible without any constraints of payments via the PC. Why Microsoft decided to offer these free services to paying members is beyond me, especially when it doesn’t cost a dime to access it outside of the Xbox 360 platform. But that is a topic that I will touch on soon enough, folks. Now, what are you waiting for? Go and get your social networking on! You know you want to.

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